Natalia Kuznetsova

Picture of Natalia Kuznetsova

Date of Birth: 1947

Age: 69

Citizenship: Russia


Nat & # 769; potassium Willow & # 769; mainly Kuznetsov & # 769; va - Doctor of Philosophy (1998), deputy editor of the journal "Issues of science and technology history," head of the department of post-graduate of the Institute of History of Science and Technology. SI Vavilov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the problems of modern philosophy of Russian State Humanitarian University, Lecturer Faculty of Philosophy of the University of the Russian Academy of Education (URAO), Lecturer at the Institute of European Cultures (1999) [1]. Member of the American History of Science Society.

She graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University (1970).

In 1967-76 years an active member of the Moscow Methodological Circle.

Featured article

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