Natalia Gurzo

Picture of Natalia Gurzo

Date of Birth: 02/11/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


November 2, 1947 in a family of actors Sergei Safonovich Gurzo and Nadine Samson born twins - a boy and a girl - Sergei and Natasha.

Children went to their parents` footsteps, becoming both the actors. Natalia Gurzo many shot in the 70s, usually in small roles. Together with his brother they sygraliv Vladimir Nazarov television series "The Dove".

Later, Sergey became a director, and Natalie starred in one of his films - tragicomedy "Rabe vumen" (1991).

In addition to his film work, Natalia Gurzo been dubbed. She voiced nut in the popular Disney animated series "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers."


1966 Who invented the wheel?

1967 They live near

1971 yesterday, today and always

1972 Latest day

1973 Beach

1973 Ivan Vasilievich

1973 Quiet

1973 It`s stronger than me

1974 If this is not love, then what is?

1974 Peter Martynovich and years large zhizni75 Mayakovsky Laughs

1976 Fun for old men

1978 Dove

1978 was a dog on the piano

1979 Garage

1979 arrives in Martian autumn night

1984 The Invisible Man

1985 Give us men!

1987 Goodbye, kids Zamoskvoretskaya ...

1988 Developments in Utinoozerske

1991 Rabe vumen (Rubber woman)