Natalia Goncharova

Picture of Natalia Goncharova

Date of Birth: 06/16/1970

Age: 46

Citizenship: Russia


In the House of officers in Tbilisi was a drama school where little Natasha spent almost all his free time. During these years, there was a question: - Who will be the Snow Maiden at the New Year? Permanent role snowy granddaughter of Santa Claus was assigned to Natalia.

After moving to Moscow, from 8 th to 10 th class was engaged in a theatrical studio "Faces of Moscow." After school, he entered the Moscow Art Theater School at the acting department (workshop of Tarhanova and O. Fried). During his studies appeared in the French film "Tristan and Isolde" and our movie "Diamonds Shah", "Infinite", "Man of the team" Alpha ". The course, which studied Natalie, was very prolific on the beautiful actors and actresses. However, it studied G. Kutsenko V. Razbegaev, A. Khmelnytsky, K. Semenov and others.

At the end of the school-studio Natalie Goncharova began to actively act in films and worked in the entreprise. In 1999, the company organized the "Exclusive Club" Rose of the World ", which is under the auspices of the International Association for the Advancement Culture (ISMA) has specialized in the organization of exclusive filming abroad and tourism.

He took a great interest in martial arts. From actor profiles of skills: singing, dancing, cars, instructor in unarmed combat, piano, English and French (spoken).

Many must remember the work of the actress in video clips and TV commercials, such as chocolate, "Russian" car "Citroen" perfume "Sexy Lips" clip of "CHajf" - "Not with me." As a photo model starred in the popular Polish magazines. It was produced by a series of programs on TV, on tourism.

The last completed work in film - TV series "Two Fates - 2". Since May, will begin shooting the series with the tentative title "Two fates - 3 & quot.

At present, Natalia is at the State theater actor.

Natalie is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation and Russian Actors Guild.

Natalie is the actor`s agency "MAX".