Natalia Feklenko

Picture of Natalia Feklenko

Date of Birth: 02/15/1946

Age: 70

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Honored Artist of Russia (2009)


Natalia Feklenko was born February 15, 1946. In 1968, Natalia graduated from GITIS (course VA Orlov and Ovchinsky MN) and was accepted into the troupe of the Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire. On its stage young actress made her debut in the play the role of Hyacinths "Tricks of Scapin".

Satire Theater Natalia gave his whole life. She played in such performances as: "Foam" (Albin), "Last Parade", "rodnenky my", "tablet under the tongue", "The Raven" (Smeraldina), "convent", "The Threepenny Opera", "Minor", " Women without borders "(Margot) and many others. Its partners were the great actors: Anatoly Papanov, George Menglet, Spartak Mishulin. actress and children`s performances was busy: "The Kid and Carlson", "Magic Ring", "Pippi Longstocking."

Over time, Natalia Feklenko become less in demand, and then she tried her hand as a director. In 1997, she staged "Eight loving women" based on the river Tom, played several roles in it. The play successfully stayed in the repertoire of the theater for ten years.


In the movie, Natalia Feklenko acted not so often. Her debut assumed the role of Masha in the novel "Under the road" of the almanac directors Vladimir Krasnopolye and Valery Uskov "Seasons" is based on the stories of George Nagibina in 1968. Among the works of the actress - role in the crime film "The last thing" (Claudia), the melodrama "The Hurricane comes unexpectedly" (Claudia Dudko) detective, "Five minutes of terror" (cashier Vera Ivanovna), historical drama "Silence," "Seraphim Ignatyevna Bykov) .

In recent years, newly actress can be seen on the screen. She starred in the television series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (Olga Ottovna), "Crazy Angel" (director of a nursing home), "City of temptations", "Advokatessy".

Children Natalia Daria Feklenko Vladimir Feklenko also became actors.


1968 Seasons - almanac (short story "When the Road")

1977 Fight in the blizzard

1977 Foam - photoplay

1978 tablet under the tongue - photoplay

At least 1981

1983 Hurricane comes unexpectedly

1985 Five minutes of fear

1986 Raven - photoplay

1987 Portrait of a Man

1989 Suicide - photoplay

1992 Silence

1999 Family Secrets - documentary

2006 Eight loving women - photoplay - director

2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent (1-2 season) - TV series

2008 Crazy Angel - series

2009 City of temptations - series

Advokatessy 2010 - series