Natalia Eshi

Picture of Natalia Eshi

Date of Birth: 06/10/1963

Age: 53

Citizenship: Russia



Natalia Eskhi graduated in 1986, the director`s office LGIK (S.Chistyakov master). In the same year she was admitted to the troupe of the Pskov Drama them. Pushkin. A year later, Natalia received acting billing and became the leading actress of the theater. In the four years it has been played for more than fifteen major and secondary roles. One of them (Love in the play "The Last Ones") was awarded the prize "For the best female role."

In 1991, Natalia Eskhi moved to Leningrad. Replacing several theaters, she became an actress of the theater since 1993 "House." At this stage it is played more than a dozen different genres, styles and roles of significance.


In the movie, Natalia Eskhi debuted in 1987. Lena`s role in the industrial belt of Leonid Pavlovsky "bullfighting color." Later the actress for a long time did not appear on the silver screen.

In recent years Natalia occasionally acted in serials. Among her works - roles in "Ulitsahrazbityh Lantern" and "Agency" Golden bullet ". In 2005, she starred in the TV series "The most happy", playing a dance instructor Luba Loshchilin.


1987 Colour bullfighting

Cops 1997-2003. Streets of broken lamps - series

2002 Agency "Golden bullet" - TV series

2005 Most Happy - series

Author: Igor BIN

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