Natalia Derzhavina

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Date of Birth: 01/10/1942

Age: 59

Place of birth: Tashkent

Citizenship: Russia

Anna Akhmatova and pig Piggy

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Derzhavin was born in Tashkent, in the midst of the Great Patriotic War; Tashkent her parents were sent as part of the evacuation. At 8 months, doctors discovered Natalia Derzhavina deadly and at the time virtually incurable disease. For a long time it seemed that the situation of girls is almost hopeless; He saved Natalia Anna Akhmatova. Legendary poet lived in the neighborhood of Derzhavin; only thanks to her help and found it in time drug girl cured. Warm relations with Natalia savior retained in the future - for Derzhavina Akhmatova literally became a second mother.

In Moscow Puppet Theatre Derzhavin came in 1959; at the time she was 17 years old.

`Rol` Piggy Natalia received in 1971. For this role Derzhavina even had to leave the puppet theater Sergei Obraztsov; however, I regret it was not necessary - hardly the whole post-Soviet space there is at least one person over 20 years old who do not know the voice of Natalia. Puppet pig became perhaps the best known way the actress; worked to transfer `Good night, kids! `Derzhavina pochtido his death. Only at the end of the actress had to find a replacement - health problems forced Natalya Vladimirovna go to the hospital; `Rulevym` pig became an actor Yegor Abajo, also voiced his colleague Derzhavina - voice Stepashky - Natalia Golubentseva. At that time no one could have dreamed that Derzhavin to the image of Piggy will never return; replacement solution seemed temporary.

Health problems were Natalia Vladimirovna before - she had long suffered from a serious chronic skin disease. Fortunately, the financial support of the representatives of the TV company `Klass`, who took a certain point release `Good night, kids!` In their hands, helped to alleviate the situation.

The cause of death of Natalia Derzhavina became strong leg wound. At the time of entering the hospital the woman was already in a pretty bad condition - without due care had time to wound fester. Unfortunately, to save the actress is no longer possible - the tumor removed from foot doctors, but decay products have already spread throughout the body and literally poison Derzhavin. Died Natalia Derzhavina March 10, 2002-th.

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