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Date of Birth: 05/10/1950

Age: 66

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Natalya Bondarchuk was born May 10, 1950 in Moscow, the son of director Sergei Bondarchuk and actress Inna Makarova.

In 1971 he graduated from the acting department VGIK (Gerasimov and T.Makarovoy), and in 1975 VGIK (from the same masters).

In the movie, Natalia Bondarchuk made her debut in 1970 in "the lake", then starred in the film "the soldiers came from the front," "You and I". Dramatic talent actress is most clearly manifested in the role of Hari in the philosophical fiction film by Andrei Tarkovsky`s "Solaris" (1972).

After the success of "Solaris" it was up to 40 offers per month to appear, but Natalia S. was in no hurry to accept them, do not want to devalue their way. Over the next few years it has been played only a dozen roles, but none of them has been passing Maria Volkonskaia drama Vladimir Motyl "The Captivating Star of Happiness", Madame de Renal in teleekranizatsii "Red and Black", Princess Sophia in the historical Novels "Youth of Peter "and" At the beginning of glorious Days ", delivered by Sergei Gerasimov.

Regarding the role of Sophia was a lot of mail - why Bondarchuk has agreed to act in this role "myasnichihi krovozhazhduschey"? But she knew this character differently. For her, Sophia - the forerunner of Catherine, the first emancipated women.


As a director and screenwriter Natalya Bondarchuk made its debut in 1975 short story "Besschastnaya Matryonka" in the anthology "Poshehonsky old" by Saltykov-Shchedrin`s novel - it was a diploma, do it together with Nikolai and Igor Burlyaev Khutsiev. Then there was "The Bronze Horseman" by Pushkin and Sergei Gerasimov Apollinarevich which she starred in the title role - a teacher at the student. The next film - "Living Rainbow" on the novel by Nosov.

The most famous were two films set N.Bondarchuk in the late 80-ies of the scenario, written in collaboration with writer Yuri Nagibin - "Bambi`s Childhood" and "Yunost Bambi". The film starring Natalia S. closest relatives: son Vanya Burlyaev, mother Irina Makarova, her husband Nikolai Burlyaev and, finally, the Natalya Bondarchuk. All this warm family company successfully diluted Maris Liepa and Lev Durov. Dilogy about Bambi was awarded a lot of prizes - more than fifteen. These films have looked in the first months 9 million children.

N.Bondarchuk: "I do not say:" What a great beauty shot "And we watched it for ... We came to the set before the dawn, and the most beautiful plans were dropped just at the dawn of time, when the sun is still there, and the clouds! already have enough light. "

The children loved the film so that began to unite around Natalia S., and so there was the Moscow Children`s Theatre "Bambi", the head of which she is now.

Effect of Roerich

In 1992, Natalia Sergeevea shot, "Ask, and you will be" - Orthodox film based on Leskov`s "The Beast." Then shoot was difficult because it was the beginning of the collapse of the national cinema. Since that time, Natalia S. began to make documentary films devoted to the family of Nicholas Roerich, a world of which it took 30 years.

The name of the Roerich Expedition Trans-linked, so she took a part of this route. He ran along the river Belugas that in the Altai Mountains, a very inaccessible. "We have two weeks went on horseback, - says Natalya Sergeevna. - There has been a lot of unusual. Generally Altai - it is our nature reserve sacred area, to which should be treated separately. This bow land space directly, so just go there, with his nose - better this area is not necessary, the one about which Tarkovsky shot his film and there is one more area -.. it`s the Himalayas, and there I also visited. " So there TV documentaries about Roerich, on the Himalayas.

In 1999 Natalya Bondarchuk completed the painting "A love of my soul", which tells about the fate of Alexander Pushkin and Mary Volkonskaya.

N.Bondarchuk: "While writing the script had to search through more than two thousand books. For example, in the memoirs of contemporaries, looking for specific mention of Pushkin`s sentences. I was so immersed in the material, which sometimes feel like living in the XIX century."

This film is not considered random in his creative biography. "I want to create Pushkin, who loved the people, - says Natalya Sergeevna. - I want to create an artistic image of Pushkin, the young, when he was in love, bright, very much. It is not a biographical Pushkin, is Pushkin legend. Why? Because that film is built as memories of Maria Nikolaevna Volkonskaya about Pushkin. This is the image that she has remained in the memory. You can give Pushkin a devil, and it is possible to Pushkin`s genius. I feel closer to the artistic image, so I`m going to shoot romanticized image of Pushkin, he is I will have a fluttering cloak he will take care of the women, but lovely and wonderful and very aesthetically pleasing, is not it, as it is now handed over to the event from the bath. it will not. "


Although Natalia S. was born in Moscow, but did not like the city, he prefers to live in the country. She does not like to drive, but has traveled to 42 countries, including Norway and New Zealand on the machine entirely. Computers do not like, but can sit for days in their own assembly, which "plays like a piano." When her dislike of technology, it is when shooting and installation of the painting "One love to my soul," I used the most that neither is a cutting-edge technology. To master the installation was not easy, but, having crossed this threshold, I felt that she had "grown wings"!

Natalia S. is married to actor and director Burlyaev Nikolai Petrovich (born in 1946). He was an artist of the Academic Theatre. Moscow Council Theatre. Lenin Komsomol, the Gorky Film Studio; She starred in the films "Ivan`s Childhood", "Andrei Rublev", "Player", "Wartime Romance", etc .; I put movies "Lermontov", "Vanka-Cain" and others. Gene. director of the Film Center.

Burlyaev Son Ivan (1976) - a student of the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky.

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