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Date of birth: 12.03.1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia



Family Natalia Antonova has nothing to do with art. Mom - a philologist, father - a soldier.

Natasha grew mobile naughty girl. "Hooligans aeselilis: jump, run, cooked resin, skated," - recalls the actress. But the most favorite game was football, in which she played with the boys. For she doted football thanks to his brother: "I stood at the gate I remember very worried, afraid to miss the ball ...."

On the acting profession Natasha did not think, she dreamed of becoming a ballerina. But her mother was against this profession. And besides herself Natalia was at that time quite plump child.


After school, Natalie decided to become an actress and entered in the WTU them. Shchukin. Her classmates were Olga Budina and Elena Zakharova.

Natalia "infected" the theater and their next of kin. In posledstviiakterami become younger sister Natalia - Svetlana (she starred in the TV series "Station") and cousin Oleg Mosalov (he played in the Russian Youth Theatre).

Since 1997, Natalia Antonova - actress Theater. Gogol. Playing in performances: "Ivanov," "faithful wife", "My crime," "Arsenic and old lace ...", "The Woman with the past", "Alien baby `,` Mother Hulda."


In the film debuted in the series Antonov "We know." This was followed by other series: "Kamenskaya", "Gold of Yugra", "Three against all", "Open Season 2", "Autumn Blues" (the film series "Holiday romance").

In 2001, first appeared in film and five year old son of Natalia. He took on the role of a young son Sasha White in the movie "Brigada". The actress considers this unfortunate experience: "After shooting Artem came home, crying heavily, annoyed." Antonov decided to engage with synalet career to fifteen as "Now baby nerves dearer to me than the money he is paid."

The popularity of the actress came only after the role of the Pauline in the TV series "A Different Life".

A Antonova starred in the television series "Emperor Love" in 2003. The basis of the show was the same novel Valentine Azernikova, released in the early 90s. Antonov has played in this series Catherine Dolgoruky, the mistress of Alexander II. Natalia cope with an extremely difficult emotionally role.

Especially for the show it was sewn a large number of costumes, furniture taken from museums. Antonov on the work in the show: "I am seized by a secret thrill when I put on a suit. It was as if fate put on ... First could not get used to these skirts. Putao feet fell. In one scene, I still can not manage properly sit in the carriage. Six doubles done".

Another work of the actress was the role of Dina in the movie Julia Kolesnik "Obstinate Target". Her character "because of the" criminal tendencies husband gets into real trouble, from which is chosen to meet a reliable friend and true love.


In 1996 Antonov married and gave birth to a son Artem. Five years later, Antonov divorced. "I would have divorced earlier, if not the son of a reason for goodbye that I absolutely did not take him (her husband) lifestyle habits." - Says the actress. Now she says her quick marriage mistake: "We have very little time to meet and get to know each other."

At present, Natalia Antonova not married. All she gives herself raising her son and favorite work: "I have my profession Bench road that tell now throw all sit at home and have children - I can not I want to practice their profession.".

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