Nastassja Kinski

Picture of Nastassja Kinski

Date of Birth: 01/24/1961

Age: 55

Place of Birth: West Berin

Citizenship: Germany


Nastassja Kinski (Kinski, Nastassia). Real name: Nakstsinska. Born on 01.24.1961 in Berlin, the son of renowned German actor Klaus Kinski. Nastassja Kinski Sister Paul - also an actress.

14-year-old girl was "discovered" in the Munich disco film director Wim Wenders, who was looking for a singer for the role of Mignon in the film "Wrong Move". Angular, megamouth, with burning black eyes, Nastassja Kinski has passed through the film, without saying a word. But this gave way Mignon mystery and exoticism. Since then, the proposals did not shoot lights out. "Bride of Satan" (1976), "Passionate flowers" (1977), "Stay by itself" (1978) - all these pictures, exploiting the childish charm of Nastassja Kinski, been based on a very slippery subjects and teetered on the brink between ambiguity and outright obscenity. It`s hard to say what would have been the fate of Kinski, if the director Roman Polanski did not see in "Vogue," a series of photographs of her. He was going to film the novel by T. Hardy`s "Tess of the genus d`Erbervilley" and was looking for a singer the role of the heroine. Nastassja Kinski was urgently summoned to America. She began to study English hard, attended the famous Actors Studio. Then the band moved to the Norman village, and Nastasia engaged in studying rural life. This has helped to clearly show on the screen the drama of a young servant, a devoted dishonor for the birth of an illegitimate child, forcibly married to her nasty peasant and yet in the final tape which has taken revenge for his many years of suffering.

"Tess" (1978) was nominated for six "Oscars". Nobody famous German actress was at the center of public attention. The American press wrote about it in those years with the enthusiastic aspiration, not forgetting to mention the famous Ingrid Bergman. Although explicit likeness does not exist, it was believed that in the guise of a young German woman embodied the traits once inherent Swedish star - natural spontaneity, freshness, innocence, vulnerability, in a word, the charm of the girl, not yet in the full measure of self-realized woman.

After the "Tess" Nastassja Kinski starred in three Hollywood tape - "With all my heart" (1982), "Cat People" (1982), "abandoned to" (1983). Especially popular in America enjoyed an erotic horror film "Cat People" by P. Schroder, tells the story of a family whose members during intercourse turned into panthers. Technically, this process of transformation has been the most difficult in the film, but Nastia refused understudy and was doing everything herself.

In 1983, she was struck by his countrymen increased acting, playing the role of wife Schumann - a pianist Clara Wieck in the film "Spring Symphony". However, in Germany it is not delayed, and hurried back to America. Particularly successful was for her in 1984, when the screens came three films with her participation: "The Hotel New Hampshire," "Paris, Texas", "Lovers of Mary." Curiously, all three films were set by Europeans, who worked at the time in Hollywood. Especially memorable were "lovers of Mary" by A. Konchalovsky (based on a story by Andrei Platonov "Potudan River"). History of women, remains a virgin at a young husband, was played by an actress with extraordinary shrill and trepidation. Big, shy girl with long arms and a big mouth, she waits in vain, when my husband will show her favor, and he disappears from the city. And Mary gives herself to the first comer, bribed her playing the guitar ...

Complex relationships within couples dedicated his film "Paris, Texas" and Wim Wenders, but gave them a very different interpretation. In contrast to the gentle, meek Mary Jane, the heroine of "Paris, Texas", embodies the wild impulse to freedom from the bonds of family and marriage, which was peculiar to many Americans in the early 80s. Jane is not going to cry and grieve. It just runs away from home, leaving adrift young son. For the first time in a creative manner Kinski manifested traits of cruelty and intransigence, showing that it can play different roles.

Two director had a decisive influence on the formation of Nastia Kinski as a creative person - Roman Polanski, who presented it to the world as a serious actress, and Andrew Conchal-sky, recalling her Slavic roots. In 1990, Nastia snyalasv Russian film "The Insulted and Injured" A. Eshpaja. She sang the role of Natasha with such insight into this tragic way, it would be hard to imagine in its place another actress. A little earlier, in 1989 in Italy, the film adaptation of Turgenev`s story "Spring Waters" was carried out. Kinski acted in a somewhat unusual for her role - a woman fatal, creating an image of freedom-loving, full of humor Mary beauty, fascinating men with the skill of an experienced trainer.

In recent years, creative activity Nastia became increasingly shift towards Europe. Perhaps one of the reasons - the appearance in the American movie actresses, remarkably similar to Kinsky its immediacy and charm of living - Julia Roberts, leaving fewer and fewer roles to its predecessor. Since 1981 all the magazines walked Richard Avedon photograph depicting a naked Nastia snake, the audience`s attention continues to this charming and seductive woman. Especially a lot of tales told about her when she wore her son Alyosha. In magazines even published a list of eight people - applicants for the role of the father. However, in late 1984, Anastasia was married to a man whose name had not been mentioned - the Egyptian producer Ibrahim Moussa. Gossip stopped. In 1986 he was born their daughter Sonia. The marriage ended in scandal in 1992, when Musa accused his wife of adultery with a famous rock musician.