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Date of Birth: 06/19/1928

Age: 71

Place of Birth: Buffalo

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Elena Murzina

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Nancy, the daughter of the pianist Marjorie Freeman (Marjorie Freeman) and physician Raymond Marchand (Raymond L. Marchand), was born on June 19, 1928 in Buffalo, New York (Buffalo, New York). It mixed the blood of its Italian, French and English ancestors. She grew up a shy, timid child, and the mother herself led her to acting classes in the hope that the theater will help Nancy out of her shell. After school, Nancy became a student of the Carnegie Institute of Technology (Carnegie Tech, today - Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). In college, she studied the works of Shakespeare (Shakespeare) and other great playwrights and after went to New York (New York City).

Nancy made her debut on Broadway (Broadway) in 1951, in the role of mistress of a tavern in the Shakespearean play `The Taming stroptivoy` (The Taming of the Shrew) and has achieved recognition. The list of its theatrical works - `Venetian kupets` (The Merchant of Venice),` Fruitless efforts lyubvi` (Love`s Labour`s Lost), `Much Ado nichego` (Much Ado About Nothing),` Forty karat` ( Forty Carats), `and Miss Reardon slightly drinks` (and Miss Reardon drinks a Little), `the Big Dipper and the stars` (the Plough and the stars), `the Glass menagerie` (the Glass menagerie), `Awake and sing! ` (Awake and Sing!), `Love pisma` (Love Letters),` Man and Supermen` (Man and Superman), `The Importance of Being sereznym` (The Importance of Being Earnest) and` zlosloviya` School (The School for Scandal ).

Plays `Balkon` (The Balcony) and` kokteyley` Time (The Cocktail Hour) brought the actress award `Obi` (Obie Awards); `White lies and black komediya` (White Lies and Black Comedy) - two nominations for` Toni` (Tony Award). Marchand four times nominated for `Drama Desk Award`, the US National Prize for Dramatic Arts, and got her a role in the production of `In the morning sem` (Morning`s at Seven). She has worked with leading US theaters.

Along with the debut on Broadway actress has appeared in small roles in television and build on that success by getting a role in the television series pinch Mrs. Lu `Grant`. From 1977 to 1982, Nancy has played in 112 episodes and won for her role four television award `Emmi` (Emmy Award). Her last role was Livia Soprano, mother of the main character played by James Gandolfini (James Gandolfini), and award-winning - `Golden globus` (Golden Globe) for Supporting Actor and the Screen Actors Guild Award (Screen Actors Guild Award).

In the movie, Marchand played not so many roles, but the brightest of them are still working in the film `I, Natalie `(Me, Natalie),` Tell me you love me `(Tell Me That You Love Me),` reckless` (Reckless ), `Naked pistolet` (The Naked Gun),` Sabrina` (Sabrina) and `Dear Bog` (Dear God).

All in the same 1951 Nancy was married to actor Paul Sparera (Paul Sparer). They had two daughters and a son. Paul died in 1999 from cancer.

Nancy Marchand died June 18, 2000, the day before his 72nd birthday, from emphysema and lung cancer, in Stratford, Connecticut (Stratford, Connecticut), and as a result, her character Livia Soprano dies in the third season of `Clan Soprano`. The actress left three children and seven grandchildren.

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