Nana Kiknadze

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Date of birth: 04.10.1976

Age: 40

Citizenship: Russia

I was the wife of Gordon?

The role of the diva performs actress Nana Kiknadze known to Russian audiences primarily as an "agent" of the author`s program Alexander Gordon `Meeting errors "and the film" Mars "- prize-winner" Kinoshock "in 2004, the current party of the Berlin Festival.

At the end of one of the shooting days, we went with Nana to her home - to talk about the work, men and all sorts of things.

Nana, strange to say, at the site to me you were almost like a debutante. Although you have about ten films.

Yes, basically it is a picture of Georgian directors and several joint, with the French.

I read on the Internet that the picture Nodar Managadze "Enlightenment," where are you in the lead role, won a prize at the "Kinotavr".

- In 1994 or the 95th year. Nevertheless, I tell everyone that I`m not an actress, as a professional actress - the one that constantly plays in the theater and removed. I recent years, working TV journalist, and my diploma - on the end of journalism.

You`re, like, she studied at the conservatory?

- I seriously studied singing, but always dreamed of journalism.

And when did you first felt in the limelight?

- In principle, the underdog attention, I did not feel a child ...

I mean, how do you become "Miss Tbilisi."

- Oh ... Well, I was 17. I studied journalism. In Tbilisi beauty contest winners were collected from all universities, I was "Miss University" and also received an invitation. However, I did not even ask if I wanted it - it was necessary to defend the honor of the alma mater. Until recently otbrykivatsya.

And what gave you this title?

- I was in the very center of attention, which you asked: I was invited to star in movies, on television. Plus I had to go to the United States, but suddenly married ...

Prisoner of the Caucasus

I like it "suddenly". They say, you, like, stole.

- Just kidnapped.

And I thought, "Prisoner of the Caucasus" in our time - a myth.

- Imagine the scene: There is a girl, let`s say, with a good reputation, waiting for single parents raising a daughter in some traditions. Appears in love with a man who suddenly it takes away, and the girl is no longer a choice. First of all everyone will say: "Why did she got in the car?" Yes, because I knew this guy, talked with him. He is a wonderful, beautiful, but to marry him she was not going. And he knew that the only way to get it - steal. I was taken to the mountains, in Kazbegi.

And so far in Georgia, such traditions?

- Recently, 17-year-old daughter of my friend tried to steal - because her family chased the car, barely repulsed Woman.

So you got married, I gave birth to Nick. There was no desire to escape?

- Where? (Laughs.) No, everything was fine. For seven years we lived together, I worked on television leading music transfer. She wrote articles and was featured in the movie, has a daughter. Then the opportunity to go through the university to study for a few months in the United States. I did not expect to linger. Thought, learn English and see the world, rest of family problems. But ... I was late for enrollment and stayed with relatives in the United States wait for the next semester. But the relationship went wrong, and once in the night I just packed up and left.

And where to go to New York with a suitcase?

- The logical question. At one point I even felt scared - one night, somewhere in Brooklyn. And I called Aunt Tanya Tolstoy, great-granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy, and told her that I was sitting on the street. And she replied: "Do not move, is now come." Since Aunt Tanya - my second mother and best friend. I stayed with her. Received a New York TV University, she studied at the faculty of acting, has collaborated with cable TV, she worked as a model at the agency. Last scary not like Gordon.

Life for Gordon

And where did this?

- Once in New York brought a miraculous icon - a list of the Iberian Mother of God. At Tolstoy Farm organized the service, and to the Gordon come with a film crew. He had long wanted to meet with thick, but they are wary of immigrants from the Soviet Union. And then the whole family to gather, it is available. Later, Alexander told me that he saw me in the church from the back and said, "God, this is it." He came up to me, looked around: exactly - It. And I, in turn, saw him with journalists in Moscow TV channel 6, introduced herself and offered to discuss my television programs. They liked them, so I became a correspondent for the program "New York, New York."

And your professional relationship grew into a stormy romantic relationship ...

- I do not know how romantic but rough - that`s for sure. You know, when there are two independent, self-sufficient, in principle, held a person and no one is willing to obey ... Sasha had a favorite saying: "If the cat does not want to be a dog, it should be shot." One day after a serious quarrel, when I finally decided to break off our relationship, it just at full speed crashed the car and miraculously survived. However, at this point I, too, I sat in the car ...

However, you have lived together for seven years.

- Our debate almost transitions into fights, sublimated into beautiful, in my opinion, the transfer of plots of "New York, New York." She went out every week for two years. Then we were offered an interesting TV projects in Moscow. Next was a "private event" Gordon has become a leading, I chose the theme and made reports. Six months later, there was "Collection of errors" on the ORT channel, I - "agent", he - "keeper". Together we searched topics came up with the script. Regular flights, shooting. So we not only have lived, worked as seven years.

Why do you not take the name of Gordon?

- For what?

Well, I do not know the name of well-known, public relations and all that, and then after all the wife ...

- Firstly, Kiknadze - the ancient princely family, known since the time of Queen Tamar. I really value my name. And then ... I was the wife of Gordon? We were friends, like-minded, lovers. Word of the wife or husband is hardly fit for our relationship. In addition, we were not going to register them officially.

Still, why do not you get married?

- What gives, besides the stamp in the passport? Gordon was for me, as they say in America, boyfriend. Several times he made me an offer, but I refused. Probably because that was a very painful process preceding the divorce. I went to Georgia and with great difficulty, to debunk her husband. Maybe I subconsciously knew that once this is all over. Imagine, right now I`d spent energy for divorce! And so ... we lived happily ever after, and left him in the same day ... (Laughs.)

Why are you laughing?

- I remembered a funny story, just associated with the name Gordon. It was only recently, after the release of the movie "Mars", when the review. One of them was called "Gosha Kutsenko did not know what to do in bed ..." meant with Greta, the main character, which continue to quote: "the passion for good, not for nothing it plays Nana Kiknadze - past" Tbilisi Miss "the wife of the famous TV presenter A.Gordona".

And what`s wrong? What a sense of humor?

- In the morning calling my cell, and a woman in the tube begins to nervously say, well, I PR the film, using the name of her husband, it`s immoral ... I say, already knowing the voice of Katie, the current wife of Gordon, that this interview I have no relationships and her accusations are absurd. After all, just click my name on the Internet, as here there is information that I am his wife - well, what to do, so many years we were together. In Georgia, for example, I did not connect with Gordon, and still remember the marriage with my ex-husband - a famous person in the country. This is normal.

Fighting tiger

What are you, Katya friends?

- No, just familiar. I do not even know how she found my number.

And then what happened? You have not finished the story about the call ...

- She talked about my lack of understanding, and we must do something, otherwise it will take action. I ask: "And what do you think I should do? Can I change the name? ". She said, "Maybe." Then I broke down and say, "Okay, I`ll take a pseudonym - Gordon!"

It is ridiculous!

- In fact, she is a good girl, and I am sympathetic to her excitement.

It looks like you`re able to stand up for themselves.

- Just do not touch me.

When you get angry, you become like a tigress. Tell me, do you really red?

- Yes, mom. Although I am now a little lighten hair - the director wants more vivid, intense picture.

By the way, about the show. "Diva" - really a film about Pugachev?

- This is a film about a diva. Parallel naturally arises: first, name, plus the heroine - aspiring singer becomes a star. And that red, it`s the director wanted the three main characters differ on color: dark blond, light, red.

And you identify yourself with a diva?

- I - Leopard in the Panther`s Skin ...


Although the creators of the series strongly emphasize that the real prototypes have no heroes and "Diva" - the movie is not about Pugachev, on the set, I heard a funny gossip. Allegedly, at the beginning of Alla Borisovna asked to support the project - so to speak, to patronize it and be a consultant. Star is very interested in the proposal and agreed to almost, until she heard the name of Dmitry Ivanov of the novel, which was withdrawn on the grounds series "Diva. Banker. Whore". At the negotiations ended. In attempts to explain the singer that nothing offensive or defamatory in the script there, she replied with a categorical refusal. Again, according to rumors, in a very unprintable expressions.

Author: Anna Nadezhdin

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