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Uzbek girl

Nadir Mirzayev was born and raised in Uzbekistan. She studied in a normal school and, in parallel, in the Ballet School at the ballerina. However, most likely a dancer she would not, because most of the Soviet period Uzbek girls married early, right after graduation. That Nadir dreamed of getting married soon. And there - family, children ... The measured pace of life broke the unexpected arrival in their city representatives of the crew of the film "Prisoner of If Castle" ...

Began shooting the film "Prisoner of If Castle" (the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas` The Count of Monte Cristo "), directed by George Yungvald-Khil`kevich been looking at the role of concubines Haidee Woman" without fire emancipation in the eyes. " According to the instructions of the assistants went to the Ballet School, where he drew attention to the 17-year-old Nadir. That same evening, held tests, after which she was adopted.

Love and shooting

The girl was flattered by the fact that it drew attention to himself Jungvald-Khil`kevich, creator of the famous film "The Three Musketeers". Moreover, even at the first meeting, there, in Uzbekistan, the director began to provide favors Nadir. When it came to shooting the picture to Riga, then flared true romance between them. And this has not prevented any great difference in age (nadir was 17, and Georgi Emilevich - 52), nor the fact that Jungvald-Khil`kevich was married and his wife was present at the shooting ...

In the film "Prisoner of If Castle" starred the cream of Russian cinema Viktor Avilov, Anna Samokhin, Mikhail Boyarsky, Valentine Voilkova, Peteris Gaudinsh, Eugene Dvorzhetsky, Alexey Zharkov, Arnis Litsitis, Alexei Petrenko, etc. To their credit, Nadira it in such a star environment. Haidee looked in the image quite naturally and organically.

who found happiness

At the end of filming Nadir Mirzayev returned to Tashkent and settled to work in well-known Uzbek State group "Shodlik". George Emilevich did not forget about it, often called and visited periodically. Parents learn about love in a man`s daughter, who is older than her 35 years, did not obstruct. The father said that his daughter has the right to decide their own destiny itself ...

In spite of this, Nadir did not dream that their relationship will develop into more serious. After all, George Emilevich - middle-aged, married man, with his current life, its own rules and habits ... But love overcomes all. At one point, Nadir resigned from the band and flew to Khilkevich in Odessa, where he put the next film. George Emilevich withdrew to her room, and Nadir stayed there ...

Since that time, George Emilevich increasingly started taking Nadira with them in various trips. For 25 years she has traveled halfway around the world with him, and having been in Germany, and in France and in the United States. With his wife he divorced by that time, and after seven years of living together with Nadira, they finally have formalized their relationship.

She had a sip of many difficulties, because the life of a talented man - this is not the honey. She bravely endured her husband`s illness, his depression (when his mother died), constantly staying close by and serving him a reliable support. And this devotion was rewarded. After a difficult period Emilevich George went back to work, removing in 1997 the music band "Scams, music, love," where Nadir Mirzayev starred the young singer. And then God gave the couple the child, which they have long dreamed of. A daughter named Nina ...


1988 Prisoner of the Chateau d`If

1997 Scams, music, love ...

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