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Date of Birth: 09/09/1930

Age: 77

Place of birth: a. Potapovo

Citizenship: Russia

Hope Rumyantsev: `Life - is a great happiness ...`

Author: Antonin Schuster

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Born in the village of Potapovo, in a simple family, Nadia Rumyantsev, though, and wanted to be like the Lyubov Orlova, the actress becomes still not going to. Tomboy in a skirt, smart and funny, Nadia had time everywhere: she practiced rhythmic gymnastics, singing in the school choir, participated in public life. Hope was komsorgom class, its respected and feared, because in the case of what she could and beat.

The war began when Nadia was 11 years old. Together with her mother and older brother Volodya, in order to survive, they were selling things and exchanged them for food. Together with friends from school Nagy gave concerts in front of the wounded in the hospitals.

During the war, the family lived in the suburbs, in the village of Larks, there is hope, and graduated from high school, after which before Nadia was a question: in what institution do? In the exact sciences, it is not strong, and therefore need to find a university, where there will be exams in mathematics, physics or chemistry. That turned out to be a theatrical institution. After all, everything is simple - in the entrance tests should be trained to read aloud a passage from some work, and write an essay - without any problems, because the hope of studying fine. Having learned monologue Famusov, Nagy appeared before the selection committee. She sold during the reading that it became calm and even nedoslushav, taken out of the audience. And she decided that failed. But wrong. In GITIS we accepted it. However, later expelled from the institute. For that, she starred in the movie `Towards zhizni`.

The rules were GITIS - students should not be in the movies, and hope for almost a year was in the film. Upon returning, she suddenly realized that the hopelessly behind on the course of the program, and, even if she will be allowed to remain at the institute, have to take all those items that have been studied over the past year. Just at this time, we hope to offer to do to VGIK, where she safely and moved from GITIS. After graduation, she joined the theater-studio movie actor.

Because of the small growth behind it is well established role travesty. In one of the film she plays a 10 year old girl, despite the fact that the actress was 24 years. Hope Rumyantsev always deeply explored the nature of their characters, the events with them, the conditions in which they lived. It was all for it is just as important as breathing. Favorite actress saying: `The actor - is not a profession, it is - diagnoz`.

Before you play a girl-Turner in the film `Towards zhizni`, she spent almost a month in a trade school and in the factory. Hope so accustomed to the role, that of school children do not believe that it actually Artist.

The institute Hope Rumyantsev first married, a fellow student of Vladimir Shurupova. After graduation Vladimir had to go to Sverdlovsk, but Nadia had already so absorbed film career that was not going to throw all for the sake of her husband. As a result, they divorced. For a cute naughty girl courted by many. But, as is often the case, the love comes suddenly, and where, it would seem, it is unlikely to be found.

One Hope one of the many invited friends for my birthday. At the party around her, as usual, formed a circle of laughing guests. Nadia knew a lot of anecdotes and told them with special intonations, making everyone around just do not fall out laughing. When Willie spoke to her, Hope did not even know that communicates with her future husband, with whom she will live in perfect harmony 42 years. With Vilik Hshtoyanom they chatted the rest of the evening. When it came time to go home, Nadya herself suggested Willy its conduct, and a few days later called and invited to celebrate New Year at the Cinema House. Thus began their romance, which ended only with her death.

Vilik Vartanovich Hshtoyan then worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Quiet, with a soft voice, Willie and bright, energetic movie star Hope, did not initially perceived as a married couple, the more that they are not writing out lived for three years. Willy was silent, and Nadia did not insist. When the time came, and there was a question about the long trip Hshtoyana as a sales representative in Egypt, they had to register their marriage. For unmarried professionals to work abroad if not released.

In what Rumyantsev at the apogee of his fame would go with her husband in Egypt, few believed. After all, it is a celebrity, star, specifically for her written film scripts, which are still considered classics of Soviet cinema, for example, `Devchata`,` Queen benzokolonki`. To leave at such a time meant almost all put an end to the cinema. In the film `The Queen benzokolonki` when the heroine Rumiantseva ask: `So you changed the dream`, she replied: `No, I just changed the` dream!. This episode is very suitable for most of Hope.

Went with my husband on a long trip, Rumyantsev completely surrendered the lead role of his life - the role of the wife of her husband. To make it easier to communicate with the wives of other expats, Nadine learned English. It is easy to communicate with others, he knows how to cheer bored secular audience. Boasting excellent sense of proportion and good taste, Rumyantsev know a lot of jokes and knew how to present them properly. Together with the teacher jokes translated into English, adapted to the situation, and brilliantly told at social events.

When they returned with Willie Vartanovich in the USSR, Nadezhda Vasilyevna offered different roles, but she agreed to appear only if she liked the script. At the same time, Rumyantsev with a friend Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova, beginning to sound movies, her voice sounded in the very first series, imported from Brazil. Slave Izaura, Jane Eyre, monkey cartoon popugaev` `38 - they all spoke the voice of Nadine. In total it has sounded more than 70 films. Stunning character actress, she refers to herself with humor, even I told her friends to himself: `I - a puppy, wrapped with the ear, fun and shebutnoy`.

Clear and easy-to-person communication, Rumyantsev was very disciplined, a workaholic by nature, she did not like anyone to ask anything, better go and do everything herself. Her favorite word was - `` Break through!

Once in an interview, she said a remarkable phrase: `Life is given to a person on such short notice. It is in itself already a great joy, so why spoil her bad temper, resentments, quarrels ... It is better to live in chelovecheski`.

So she lived - in human, open, gambling, love with life and her husband ...

Died Nadezhda Rumyantseva in 2008, in the arms of her beloved husband.

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