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Date of Birth: 04/19/1911

Age: 89

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


She was born April 19, 1911 in Moscow. She graduated from the Theatre School at the Central Theater of the Red Army (1938). During the war she worked in the Second front-line theater, then - in the Moscow Regional Drama Theater. In the 1946-66 biennium. - Actress of the Moscow Drama and Comedy Theatre on Taganka.

Outstanding character actress, embodied on a screen 60s daunting image of the Russian peasant, women experienced all the hardships of the twentieth century. The best role in the film: "If this is love?", "Women", "Mother and stepmother", "Journalist", "Do your threshold".

"Only cinema 60s, with the naive greed and fearlessness fingered human faces and revel in them discovered the variety, could lead to the screen such actress Nadezhda Fedosov, - wrote the famous film critics Vyacheslav Shmyrov and Eugene Margolit -. Her heroines were often diametrically opposed to each other working women, mothers-heroines and "evil Philistine" crippling life and his own, ichuzhim children, but a closer inspection reveals that they both performed Fedosova -.. options for the same fate destiny women in the twentieth century Russia. century, as a rule, for her uncharitable and his mother`s face Xenia in which brought the actress famous movie "and if this is love?" -. women, ready at once to believe the vile gossip about his own daughter - to stone just like the face of other mothers - already with a capital letter - one of the best films of the 60s war "Do your threshold" when the heroine Fedosova during combat tray snaryadNadezhda Fedosova in the film "Elusive Avengers" last surviving soldiers from the artillery calculations. It was the face of the Motherland, but to make her unblinking gaze was hard, and sometimes - and scary ... "

By the way, in the Moscow regional theater of drama and comedy Hope Fedosova once played in the Commissioner `Optimistic Tragedy. " One can only imagine the power of this work, of which almost nothing is known.

In the theater, Hope Fedosov was the leading actress, tightly engaged in the repertoire. She left the stage after 20 years of work on it did not find "common ground" with the new director of the theater - Yuri Lyubimov, renamed it the Taganka Theater.

In those years, the actress starred in the movie a lot and fruitfully, "Battle on the Way," "the light of distant stars," "Your Contemporary", "Three Days of Viktor Chernyshov," "Elusive Avengers", "First Love".

Cinema 70 also "could not stand the sight of" Hope Fedosova. She stopped to shoot. Personal modesty most actresses, probably only contributed to this. She was not even a member of the Union of Cinematographers, and only received the honorary title in 1952, ie before their first job in the movie, and nearly 50 years before his death.

Died December 14, 2000 in Moscow, at the age of 89 years. She was buried at the Donskoy cemetery.


1. And if this is love? - 1961 - mother Xenia

2. Battle on the Way - 1961 - Potapova

3. Do your threshold - 1962 - mother

4. Mother and stepmother - 1964 - Smalchiha

5. Light Distant Star - 1964

6. Friends and Years - 1965

7. Women - 1965 - mother Alka

8. Loyalty to the mother - 1966

9. Elusive Avengers - 1966 - aunt Daria

10. Journalist - 1967

11. And no other - 1967

12. Your Contemporary - 1967

13. Three Days of Viktor Chernyshov - 1967 - Aunt Tanya

14. Virineya - 1968

15. People like the river ... - 1968

16. First Love - 1968 - Princess Zasyekin

17. Zina - 1969

18. Ahead of the day - 1970

19. Kolovert (short story in the film almanac "In the azure steppe") - 1970

20. Love Spring - 1970

21. Day By Day - 1972

22. Stepmother - 1973 - Anfisa V.

23. His fellow - 1974

24. Change the dog on a locomotive - 1975

25. Such a shorter long life - 1975 - Nadezhda Stepanovna

26. Fatherless - 1976 - Anna Miheevna

27. Under the sign of the Red Cross - 1987

28. Two and one - 1988 - Baba Masha

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