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Citizenship: Canada


Its main works were devoted to the theory of coalitions, public goods theory and the theory of clubs. Currently Myrna Vuders has served as professor of economics at Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University) and the University of Warwick (University of Warwick). She edits such well-known scientific journals, as the `Journal of Public Economic Theory` and` Economic byulleten` (Economics Bulletin). He is a member of the econometricians (Econometric Society) and the Society of Game Theory (Game Theory Society).

Myrna Vuders grown on a small farm in the Canadian province of Alberta (Alberta, Canada). Her parents could not boast of special education; father, graduated nine classes, much of his free time repairing his neighbor`s technique, his mother, who graduated seven classes, engaged in gardening and horticulture. Alas, little farm income is not brought; from an early age Vuders had to take the most active part in the care of the vegetation - it often trusted to carry water. Of the four daughters Vuders Myrna was the highest - that`s why she got it the most work. Often the girl even miss school; however, the work on the farm gave her a lot of highly useful practical lessons. Read on the farm, too, it was nothing special - except, perhaps, the Bible; however, to the 9th class Myrna Vuders to discover all the delights of postal library service and was able to broaden my horizons significantly.

Myrna quite early became a mother; while she moonlighted as a photo in one of Alberta`s towns and then took up the study. First svoydiplom Vuders received within the walls of the University of Alberta (University of Alberta); Ph.D. Myrna Vuders earned under the leadership of Leonid Hurwicz (Leonid Hurwicz) at the University of Minnesota (University of Minnesota).

Now Mirna Vuders lives in Nashville, Tennessee (Nashville, Tennessee); from the mother she inherited a love for growing a variety of plants. His children Vuders also gave a lot - her son John (John Wooders) now holds the post of Professor of Economics at the University of Arizona (University of Arizona).