Myra Bradwell

Picture of Myra Bradwell

Date of Birth: 02/12/1831

Age: 63

Place of birth: Manchester

Citizenship: United States


World Colby was born February 12, 1831 in Manchester, Vermont (Manchester, Vermont). She spent her childhood in Vermont and western New York (New York), and when she was 12 years old, the family moved to Schaumburg, Illinois (Schaumburg, Illinois). She attended school in Kenosha, Wisconsin (Kenosha, Wisconsin), and then enrolled in the Women`s Seminary Elgin Female Seminary in Illinois, completing his education to 24 years and became a teacher.

In 1852, the world married James B. Bradwell (James B. Bradwell), and two years later they moved to Memphis, Tennessee (Memphis, Tennessee). James led the private school and the world in her teaching.

In 1855 they moved again, this time in Chicago (Chicago), where Myra`s husband was admitted to the Chicago Bar Association. He became a successful lawyer, and then was selected by the judge, and in 1873 James was elected to the General Assembly (General Assembly).

A few years after the wedding, when her husband became a lawyer, the world began to study law and at the same time worked as a lawyer in the office of her husband, but without the complexity, of course, has not done. She had four children, but two of them died in infancy. During the Civil War the world was engaged in raising funds for the wounded and became a member of the North-Western Sanitary Commission.

In 1868, she founded the newspaper m `Chicago Legal News`, and became its editor and manager with the legal support of her husband. `Chicago Legal News` was an American legal newspaper with the highest circulation. The aim of Myra Bradwell was the change in the status of women in society. She has published information on the jurisprudence, laws and court decisions, supported the reform of the electoral law in order to give women the opportunity to vote, organized jobs for women and advocated the improvement of the judicial system, and also participated in the drafting of legislation relating to women, for example, ownership issues.

In August 1869 Myra Bradwell qualifications recognized is quite sufficient to obtain licenses to practice law, but its application was rejected on the grounds that as a married woman, she could not take part in any legal agreements even as a lawyer. In February 1870 the Illinois Supreme Court again rejected her claim on the basis of her sex. In the end, the world turned to the United States Supreme Court, saying that since she refused to obtain licenses to practice law because she is a woman, thus the state violates its rights guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Alas, in 1873, the Supreme Court also denied it, saying that the 14th Amendment does not provide a right to engage in professional activities.

World continued to produce `Chicago Legal News`, acting as the publisher, the commercial director and editor. She also became an active member of the movement for women`s suffrage and was elected secretary of the association `Illinois Women Suffrage Association`. Curiously, however, that although Bradwell no longer made attempts to get their license, in 1890, the Illinois Supreme Court, acting on its own initiative, adopted its initial application, and in 1892 she was licensed to practice before the US Supreme Court.

World Bradwell died of cancer Feb. 14, 1894, two years after it was granted a license to practice law. Her daughter, Bessie Bradwell Helmer (Bessie Bradwell Helmer), continued the work of his mother, became a lawyer, like her brother, Thomas Bradwell (Thomas Bradwell).

Even after her death, in honor of Myra Bradwell Colby was established award `Myra Bradwell Award`, which is given to members of the` Minnesota Women Lawyers`, Organization of Women Lawyers of Minnesota, caused a stir in the professional field and to demonstrate the courage, perseverance and leadership qualities.