Mutsuhiro Watanabe

Picture of Mutsuhiro Watanabe

Age: 85

Place of birth: 04.2003

Citizenship: Japan

Japanese sadistic guard

Japanese military who served in the Japanese prison camps in Ofune (& # 332; funa), Naoetsu (Naoetsu) and Mizushima (Mitsushima). He was famous for the incredible cruelty to prisoners; after the war for their crimes was included in the list of the most dangerous war criminals.

Cruelty Matsuhiro `Ptitsy` Watanabe remembered many prisoners of the Japanese camps; truly glorified Matsuhiro his `obschenie` with Louis Zamperini. The legendary American athlete for the residents of the Japanese village Ofuna was a legend; Watanabe found that the popularity of Louis Zamperini, to some extent harmful to his own authority - and has taken all necessary measures to maximize assert its superiority. Luis had suffered a lot from Watanabe; so, once the guard forced Zamperini 37 minutes hold over the head of heavy timber, and after expiry Luisusilneyshy Watanabe struck a blow in the stomach. How openly admitted himself Matsuhiro, torture of prisoners and brutal beatings caused him almost sexual pleasure. Complement portrait of a mad sadist totally unpredictable mood swings - a few minutes after the brutal beating of prisoners, he could absolutely calm start to give them sweets and cigarettes.

Translations into camp in Naoetsu to Zamperini became joyful news; of course, I delighted Luis not to personally see the picturesque mountain scenery of the places - it far more attracted by the prospect to part with Watanabe forever. Alas, this was not to happen - arrived at the new camp, Zamperini was horrified to learn that Watanabe was transferred to Naoetsu.

In 1945, General Douglas MacArthur (Douglas MacArthur) Watanabe placed 23 th place in the list of 40 most dangerous `war criminals Yaponii`. Pozaslugam, however, Watanabe has not received - for 7 years, he successfully hid from persecution; Matsuhiro came out of hiding only after the departure of the Americans from Japan. It is known that during these 7 years, Watanabe worked on a farm and in a small grocery store; In addition, he occasionally met with his mother, letting her know that he was still alive.

In 1956, the Japanese literary magazine `Bungeishunj & # 363; `published an interview with Matsuhiro; I called it `I do not want to be punished Amerikoy`.

Subsequently Matsuhiro Watanabe engaged in insurance business; apparently, his affairs were going pretty well - Watanabe is credited with the possession of an apartment in Tokyo (Tokyo) and a condominium in Australia (Australia).

Before the Winter Olympics in Nagano (Nagano) to communicate with Watanabe again took members of the press; Matsuhiro interested in preparing a report about Zamperini - tomukak just had to carry the Olympic torch through the Naoetsu, on the way to Nagano. In an interview with Watanabe admitted beating prisoners, however much remorse not shown; He said that he was acting on orders, but only from a desire to be stricter to Japan`s enemies. Zamperini officially announced that forgives the offender and would like to meet with him personally; Watanabe, however, the meeting did not agree. It is possible that the reason for refusal was relatively candid interview given to them earlier - Matsuhiro admitted in a number of actions, which in 1998 could cause him a lot of trouble.

Matsuhiro Watanabe died in April of 2003.

In 2010, the book received in print by Laura Hillenbrand (Laura Hillenbrand) `Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption`; its main hero was Louis Zamperini, however, and Watanabe in the book mentioned a lot.