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Vakhaev Musa was born in 1964 in the Chechen village of Urus-Martan. A significant part of his life there. After high school, he served in the internal troops (before retiring from the service he served as company commander of the military commissar and Construction Management Russian Interior Ministry).

After returning from the army, Vakhaev married (wife bore him six children) and his family moved to Moscow. The exact date of the move in the media did not appear.

In November 2004, Vakhaev was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of the chief editor of the Russian version of Forbes magazine, Paul Klebnikov. Klebnikov was gunned down July 9, 2004 at the exit of the building edition of its magazine. According to investigators, Vakhaev was one of the perpetrators.

Vakhayev charged under Article 105-2 of the Criminal Code (murder, sovershennoegruppoy persons). Later it became known that at the same time in Minsk, was detained another suspect - Kazbek Dukuzov.

According to investigators, Vakhaev sat behind the wheel of the car VAZ-2115, from which the killers fired at the journalist. The criminals abandoned the car on the driver`s door glass imprints finger Vakhayeva found. The investigation also found that shortly before the murder of Klebnikov Vakhaev sent his family in Chechnya.

Klebnikov`s murder investigation was completed in June 2005. Prosecutors argued that the murder was committed by a criminal group set up by the Moscow notary Fail Sadretdinova in 2002. Customer prosecutors named Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev; and Vakhayev and Dukuzov Investigators believe perpetrator.

In May 2006, a jury ruled Vakhayev acquittal. Later, General Prosecutor`s Office appealed against the verdict. This decision supported the family of Paul Klebnikov.

Vakhayeva also accused of involvement in the attempted murder of the former Deputy Prime Minister of Chechnya and the murder of Yang Sergunina Moscow businessman Alexei Pichugin - namesake and namesake security officer "YUKOS".

In early 2007, the Moscow City Court began the trial again on Khlebnikov`s murder. March 14 the court had to hear the defense motion accused Vakhayev and Kazbek Dukuzov. However Dukuzov at the meeting did not appear, and the court - taking into account the fact that for the second time Dukuzov tore meeting (the first time it happened February 15) - announced it in the federal search and distance and made the decision about the arrest. Lawyers argued that Dukuzov "is in a hospital in Urus-Martan," but in the Chechen Interior Ministry said he fled in an unknown direction.

Vakhayeva court released on bail, and the case has suspended consideration to capture Dukuzov. Meanwhile, another person involved in the case - the notary Sadretdinov, without waiting for the selection of the jury, once again made a statement about the falsification of case materials. According to his lawyer Ruslan Koblev in preparation for the meeting Sadretdinov drew attention to the bulging of the 44 volumes of pages of the case and found that they are not sewn, as it should do with the criminal case materials, and bonded to the rest of the page cut out of it. Since the materials contained on this sheet directly relate Sadretdinova, he put notify the court.

By the middle of March 2007 the murder case Sergunina investigation had not been completed.