Muhammed Berdibek

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Citizenship: Kazakhstan


Mohammed Berdibek Khan (tat the M & # 1257; x & # 601; mm & # 601; t Birdeb & # 601; k xan, M & # 1257; s & # 1241; mm & # 1241; t Birdeb & # 1241;. To han) - Chingizid, twelfth khan of the Golden Horde (1357-1359). Son and successor Djanibek.

By religion - Muslim (Muslim was Muhammad`s name). Under the command of Djanibek he participated in conquests to Azerbaijan in 1356. After the campaign was left to rule the father in Tabriz, but getting the disease Djanibek data returned to the Horde to take part in the struggle for power.

He came to power in the summer or autumn of 1357, organized a conspiracy that led to the murder of his father seriously sick. Immediately after the inauguration ceremony, Berdibek ordered to exterminate all members of the genus Batu Khan, which could be its actual or potential competitors. A total of 12 of his relatives were killed, including an 8-month brother (according to Arab author Muineddina Natanzi new Khan killed him, hitting the ground).

Berdibek gave Russian Metropolitan Alexy label (letters patent), confirming the release of the Russian Church of tributes and taxes. In 1358 he gave the label Venetian ambassador Giovanni Quirino and Francesco Bonu, confirming the right of merchants of Venice to live and trade in the Azov and Provato (Bay Dvuyakornaya) and allowing it to merchants trading in the Crimean port Calitri, or Kaliere (Koktebel) and Soldayya (Sudak) .

According to an Arab author Ibn Khaldun, one of the highest positions in the court Berdibek held Mamai.

Regulation before the end of summer or early autumn of 1359, when he was killed in a coup that brought to power the new Khan Kulp (Kulp). However Berdibek killed his closest associate Tuglu-by (in Russian chronicles it was called Tovlubiem), who played a key role in his rise to power.

Death Berdibek ushered in years of the Troubles in the Horde, which the Russian chroniclers called "great zamyatney".