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Year of birth : 2011

Age: 4 years

Citizenship : United States

American indie - pop from New York

Lizzie Plapindzher known as a DJ and as a vocalist MS MR group. This group is well known in the States and in Europe; I do not belong to the mainstream ,it nevertheless gained some success and managed to interest a lot of indie pop and alternative rock fans.

MS MR - American artist, vocalist and DJ duo Plapindzher Lizzy (Lizzy Plapinger) and producer Max Hershnau (Max Hershenow). We worked under a contract with `IAMSOUND`,` Kitsune` and `Columbia Records`. Plapindzher also famous ,as one of the founders of the New York - London-based independent record label `Neon Gold Records`. The duo played mostly indie pop, alternative rock, dream pop and dark-wave.

For the first time spoke about the band after the release of singles in the light of `Hurricane` and ` Fantasy`; We recorded these singles the band soon after graduating from college. We know that and LizzieAnd Max were in the same school - Vassar College. His first video, `Hurricane`, the duo released April 26, 2012. ; corresponding single broke through on iTunes July 10, 2012.. He admitted he was quite warm ; among other things, the students came to taste ` vintage zvuk`. In Germany, the composition was able to even climb up to 38-th line in the local ratings.

Later that same `Hurricane` voshelv composition first EP the duo ; for the same EP - released under the name `Candy Bar Creep Show` - including compositions ` Bones`, `Dark Doo Wop` and ` Ash Tree Lane`. The record sale came September 14th of 2012.

His second clip for the single `Fantasy`, the band released on February 4th 2013th. Later, on March 8, 2013, the song reached and iTunes; where it eventually even became single of the week.

MS MR `s debut album of the band went on sale May 10th, 2013th ; He called Secondhand Rapture and, among other things, included all four songs from the previously released EP.

Formally define the style of the band is quite difficult ;musicians compared with Florence and the Machine, Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey) and Kavinski (Kavinsky). The peculiar charm of the melodies and the group gave a distinctive voice of the soloist ; despite the fact that childhood Lizzie took place in London, the British accent she did not stand out - her parents were Americans ,Yes, and she studied at an international school.

To some extent, the success of your team must also ensure that their songs several times already included in the soundtracks of major television projects. Compositions `Sweet Salty`,` Hurricane`,`This Is not Control` and ` Bones` could be heard in the television series ` Lovely obmanschitsy` (` Pretty Little Liars`). `Sweet Salty` and ` Bones` also entered the track for the series ` Anatomy strasti` (` Grey`s Anatomy`),and `Bones` could also be heard in the trailer for the TV series ` Game prestolov` (` Game of Thrones`) and ` Ill pravosudie` (` Cold Justice`). In addition, `Hurricane`,` Dark Doo Wop` and `Bones` used in the American TV series Drevnie` ` (`The Originals`).

The group`s second album, `How Does It Feel`, released on June 17, 2015 th. The soloist of the group Plapindzher Lizzie is a pretty active lifestyle - and a large part of its activity falls on the night life. Of course, it is usually a lot of time for the soloist of the musical group performed in nightclubs ; least,so a woman can always stay in touch with the latest fashion trends and not to lose touch with reality. As she tells Lizzie night of her life began in a relatively young age - and by the senior classes it was a regular at nightclubs and all sorts of parties. Especially Plapindzher loved going to concerts ;she tried to get out on the performances of different teams at least twice a week. Over time, the search for new, hitherto unseen even teams became a real hobby for her ; One of the main objectives was to find Lizzie groups that earlier in her life`s journey did not come across. Considerable pleasure Plapindzher received by finding a new team so early ,as far as it`s possible. Many interesting Lizzie learned through `PUSH` - within the framework of this project the students presented a new indie rock and indie pop band. Plapindzher not only interest the performances of the other teams ; it is actively studied their work and understand the tricks of others business models. Not all the fans are trying to himself as a musician, but at a certain point Plapindzher tired just listening to music - and she decided to try himself as a creator. Always fond of punk and rock and roll, Lizzie gladly jumped at the opportunity to become an integral part of the local music scene ; too and say ,that the results it has achieved is truly impressive. Plapindzher Started as a DJ ; properly mastered this region, it has become quite well-known performer. The specialty steel composition hits Lizzie `Decepta-Freak-On` and ` My Favorite Name`; however, like any good DJ ,Plapindzher always been able to adapt quickly to other tunes. Lizzie Remixes given no worse than the vocals. Women actively explore new scene ; in her view, the audience and the musicians from different cities are very different from each other - and understanding these differences much easier life DJ. In NewYork Lizzie found a party just the type you always dreamed. Pretty soon it became clear that in New York, a young and hard-working artist opened a lot of doors ; even if such a performer fails to quickly become famous, he can always find new friends - as the local music community can appreciate the talent,energy and artistic vision. Of course, the strong competition among musicians - but it is organically combined with a very peculiar sense of camaraderie. Bright and unusual style of the New York community is manifested in how local musicians play what they listen to, what to wear and how to behave ;combined individual pieces lies the true magic of the New York scene. Now Lizzie Plapindzher well known outside of New York City - its operation, recorded and performed as part of MS MR project enjoyed success around the world. Separate groups of the composition, for example, were quite highly appreciated in Germany ; however,and on American soil the team has already received its portion of praises.

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