Movladi Baysarov

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Citizenship: Russia


Movladi Baisarov was born in 1966 in the village of Pobedinskoe, located in the 15th Dairy - the north-western suburbs of Grozny. What did he do before 1999 is unknown. According to some sources, Baysarov was an agent of the FSB and was introduced in the Special Purpose Islamic Regiment of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in order to conduct provocative and intelligence activities, and his work was in charge of the deputy director of the FSB, Nikolai Klimashin. Some sources even claim that in 1996-1999 Baysarov was involved in numerous abductions of citizens of Russia and the Western countries, while, in the words of Baysarov, during this period, he led an armed group that was created to protect his family members from the abduction and subsequent exchange for ransom. While Basayrov lived mainly in Moscow, but every month chosen home. In 1999 he arrived in Grozny to the aid of his friend and took part in an armed skirmish with the Wahhabis, which killed two of his close relatives. The Wahhabis have lost killed eight people, which iz-za Basayrov appeared before the Sharia court, but was acquitted.

In early 1999, Baysarov joined the armed units of Mufti of Chechnya, Akhmad Kadyrov, who spoke against the Wahhabis. Then in the squad, there were no more than twenty people of kinship and friendship relations. After Kadyrov senior, supported by the Russian armed forces in the second war in Chechnya, was appointed head of the administration of Chechnya, Baysarov formed a unit to deal with the extremists and militants. His group "Highlander" stationed in the district of Grozny and in fact was the security service of Kadyrov senior, but had no legal status. Since 2001, the squad was assigned to Baysarov operational coordination of the FSB in the North Caucasus. July 25, 2003 Baysarov was seriously wounded during an assassination attempt on Kadyrov, Sr., the then office of the Chechen president. October 17, 2003 near the village of Pobedinskoe was killed by a police major Shirvani Baysarov - brother of the commander of "Highlander" and the deputy security chief of Kadyrov-senior. According to some reports, Baysarov personally avenged his brother`s death by shooting on the night of 3 to 4 January 2004 all members of a Chechen family Musayev Staropromyslovskiy district of Grozny, allegedly involved in the murder.

Baysarov squad lost the status of security service of Chechen President Kadyrov, immediately after the murder of the elder in May 2004, but was disbanded and became operational battle group "Highlander" operational coordination of the FSB in the North Caucasus. According to some sources, this unit was engaged in covert operations to seize and eliminate insurgents in Chechnya and has even been nicknamed "death squad". For example, 21 August 2004, exactly one week before the presidential election, "Highlander" held in Grozny carefully planned special operation. On the day before a hundred fighters entered the city in small groups: they put the crosshairs on the posts, disguised as Russian special forces, stopped cars, checked the documents and officials were killed; They were fired on police stations and the commandant. But many of the attackers were soon surrounded and destroyed - it turned out that sting Baysarov planned the raid and dazhevozglavili some militias, and then threw them into the city. Despite numerous civilian casualties, Chechen FSB office regarded as a successful special operation. In total, during the second Chechen campaign Basayrova division lost more than fifty people, while the total number of unit by 2006 amounted to about a hundred people.

According to some reports, Baysarov squad controlled a significant portion of illegal oil production in Chechnya and its transportation to the neighboring republics of the North Caucasus, so he was called "oil regiment". Once in February 2006 it was closed operational coordination division of the FSB in the North Caucasus, formally "Highlander" was disbanded, and the part of the soldiers of the unit moved to battalion "South" and "North" of the Internal Troops of the North Caucasian District of the Russian Interior Ministry. Nevertheless, the actual troop strength of fifty to a hundred people, continued to exist as an independent fighting group, uncontrolled by the Prime Minister of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov. Baysarov expected to receive a new assignment from the federal center, and thus confirm the legal status of "Highlander". In May 2006, his men near the village of Pobedinskoe detained relative of Kadyrov Jr., who was going to take on the resale of the goods smuggled in Ingushetia - stolen pipes for pipelines. Chechen Prime Minister stood up for the relative and tried to negotiate by phone directly from Baysarov, but he publicly insulted him, becoming a natural enemy of Ramzan Kadyrov. A few days later a detachment Baysarov was blocked Kadyrov at his base in the village of Pobedinskoe. The siege lasted for about 6 months. In addition, prosecutors Staropromyslovskiy district of Grozny reopened the case of the murder of the Musayev family, in which Baysarov held as a witness.

Baysarov himself after a conflict with the younger Kadyrov went to Moscow. According to some reports, he tried to contact the former curator of the disbanded the FSB, as well as the leadership of the Chief Military Prosecutor`s Office to give evidence to prove his innocence, and tell about the murders and kidnappings, organized by his opponents. In the capital Baysarov actively gave interviews to the media, talking about trying to Chechen security services to eliminate it. According to some sources, all this time he was under the protection of the FSB, even after the night of November 8, 2006 to seek Baysarov actively joined the Moscow police, for which the operational headquarters was formed in the capital UBOP.

14 November 2006 laid down arms last 33 fighter disbanded special squad "Highlander", and November 15, 2006 the Chechen Interior Ministry announced Baysarov the federal wanted list as a suspect in the kidnapping of the Musayev. FSB removed his surgical cover, and to Moscow from Chechnya arrived task force to capture him. In the evening, November 18, 2006 was shot by officers Baysarov Chechen operational group, according to the official version, while resistance during the arrest, conducted jointly with the Moscow militia. According to witnesses the incident, employees of the Moscow police were nearby and watched from occurring. Simonovskaya Moscow Prosecutor`s Office opened a criminal investigation into the death of Baysarov.