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Year of birth : 1981

Age: 34 year

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

Legends glam rock

Why participants `Motley Crue` group names and icons - umlauts ? Due to some incident of the team first mentioned in the US? As Nikki Sixx explained the appearance of the musicians on the stage in women`s clothing ? What event inspired the participants `Motley Crue` to write the famous song `Kickstart My Heart`? What are the consequences resulted in alcohol and heroin addiction musicians, and how they managed to save a group ?

On the way to glory

`Motley Crue` - one of the few rock bands of the 80s, whose members were not afraid to do what they like. They wore women`s clothes ,used cosmetics, appeared on stage in a state of intoxication and often staged provocation. `Motley Crue` shocked the public no less than the legendary ` Sex Pistols`, becoming the brightest representatives of the ruling on the scene of glam rock.

`Motley Crue` history began in Los Angeles in 1981 ,when a member of the `London` Nikki Sixx decided to create his own project. For a while he was rehearsing with drummer Tommy Lee and vocalist Greg Leon, Leon is not gone, and its place was taken by a school friend Mickey Vince Neil. Soon, the group added guitarist Bob Diehl, nicknamed Mick Mars.

That Mars came up with the name `Motley Crue`.According to legend, when the musician played in the group `White Horse` someone called them ` a motley looking crew` - ` motley rebyata`. Everyone liked the name, and after some changes the group became known as the `Motley Crue`. The band insisted that the name was written with special icons - umlauts taken ,presumably, from German beer `Lowenbrau`, they liked to drink.

After joining the group manager Allan Coffman `Motley Crue` started to gain popularity. They released a single `Stick to Your Guns / Toast of the Town`, and after a few months of their debut album ` Too Fast for Love` (1981). He has sold 20tysyach copies and did not cause a big stir. Unlike the first tour of Canada, which was accompanied by scandals and unpleasant stories. So, the band members were arrested in the Edmonton airport, because they were in a concert costume with sharp spikes, which were regarded as a dangerous weapon. Besides,Nile in a suitcase found large amounts of alcohol and pornography.

These incidents, which someone considers a planned PR- course, made a lot of noise in the press. On the controversial group talking in the world of rock music. In 1983, Coffman left the band, and the new managers have become `Motley Crue` Doc McGhee and Doug Thaler. Due to the difficult financial situation of the musicians he had to finish his tour and proceed to write the album.

World popularity

Through the album `Shout at the Devil` (1983) and appearances at rock festivals ,` Motley Crue` quickly gained popularity in the United States. Their musical style is always on the brink of heavy metal and glamrock and performances shocking for its unpredictability. The band became one of the first to put on women`s clothes and began to apply makeup. As a rule, they appeared on stage in high-heeled boots, leather pants and a wide range of outerwear - from biker jackets to pink blouses. All questions about the image of the group Nikki Sixx replied that on stage he must look like a human catastrophe.

Fast energetic music, simple lyrics and provocative behavior did their job.

`Motley Crue` quickly won the glam metal scene, becoming the brightest representatives of this trend. Album `Theatre of Pain` (1985) took sixth place in the US charts, and the next record ` Girls, Girls, Girls` (1987) has risen to second. Their path to glory was accompanied by constant scandals related to drug use and problems with the law.

In 1984, being in a state of alcoholic intoxication ,Vince Neil was in a terrible car crash in which his passenger, drummer `Hanoi Rocks` Nicholas Dingley, was killed on the spot. Neil pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a thirty-day imprisonment, community service and restitution in the amount of $ 2.6 million.

The accident a little cooled the ardor of the participants

Motley Crue`, but they soon got down to the old. Alcohol and drugs have become the best of friends musicians. Some years they teetered on the brink of life and death, while in 1987, Nikki Sixx nearly died from a heroin overdose. Arriving doctors pronounced him dead Nikkibut one of the doctors turned out to be an ardent fan of the band and two doses of adrenaline to the heart was able to revive the musician. This event inspired a group of participants to write one of the most famous songs `Motley Crue` -` Kickstart My Heart`.

The image of the musician`s life put in jeopardy the very existence of the group ,so managers Thaler and McGhee resorted to drastic action. Fearing that of the European tour, participants `Motley Crue` can return to ` dlyatrupov` bags, they canceled all concerts and forced the men to undergo rehabilitation. All the musicians, except for Mick Mars, who got rid of heroin addiction on their own,We have been long-term treatment.

After a full recovery, participants `Motley Crue` started to record their fifth album, which was released in 1989 under the name ` Dr. Feelgood`. This work was the most successful in the work of the group, reaching number one on the US charts. The famous song `Kickstart My Heart` was nominated for ` ` Gremmi` in the category best ispolnenie` fatal, and the album itself awarded the ` American Music Awards`.

Last years

In 90 years as part of `Motley Crue` has changed. The group left the lead singer Vince Neil, and in its place came

John Korab. With him the band recorded an album titled `Motley Crue` (1994), which had such success as the previous work, but still reached the seventh line of the American charts.

In 1997, a new manager `Motley Crue` Allen Kovac persuaded Vince Neil back in the band. At the same time in two years the team departed drummer Tommy Lee, who first replaced by Randy Castillo, and then Samantha Maloney. In the years of instability, they recorded two albums - `Generation Swine` (1997) and ` New Tattoo` (2000) - was a failure from the commercial point of view.

In 2004, Sixx and Neil said about the reunion group ,and in a year `Motley Crue` went to several tour of America and Europe. Their journey zakonchilislish in 2007 when the band members sat down at the writing of the album. The new work group `Saints of Los Angeles` (2008) became their latest creation. Despite,the album took fourth place in the American charts, and sold well, it was far from the material that the band created in the 80s. Time `Motley Crue`, which once charged his manic energy, irrevocably gone.

In January 2014, participants `Motley Crue` announced his retirement. Their road to fame has not been easy, but the band proved that they are able not only to shock the audience, but also to create beautiful music. Nikki Sixx once said that all of them were juvenile delinquents, who wanted to one day become a rock star.

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