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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


This brutal New York team chose a direction between death metal and grindkorom. In the initial version of the group (which means under the guise of "Casket") entered Will Ramer (vocals, bass) and Matt Sichero (drums) . When the guys wrote a song entitled "Mortician", at the same time they decided to assign your project the same name.

At the beginning of 1990 they recorded their first demo, in which creation participated guitarist John McEntee of "Incantation". John worked "Mortician" throughout the 1990 year, and Will while still in snarling "Incantation". Finally, in January 1991, on an ongoing basis the team came guitarist Roger Bezhor. The band started to play live, and after a few concerts it drew the attention of the representatives of "Relapse records".

On the label "Mortician" released the first seven-inch, and then began to prepare a full-length album. However, at this stage the team had serious problems with drummer since Sichero became interested in hard drugs, and at times he could not carry out his functions.

MorticianTogda Will and Roger are thinking about using a drum machine, and with the help of 15 tracks recorded. Material sent to the "Relapse",but only three songs were published (they were on the compilation "Corporate death"). Then Ramer and Bezhor seriously attended to search for a drummer, but it turned out that the right person to find hard. Rare concerts with various groups held a session drummer. The black strip ran until the summer of 1994,has not yet received an offer from the label to record a song for the compilation "Death is just the beginning III". With the help of a drum machine "Mortician" made the song "Blown to pieces", and the company almost immediately requested a material for a second seven-inch.

EP "House by the Cemetery" had very positive feedback ,and "Relapse" quickly organized its overprinting, to include as a bonus covers of "Napalm death" and "Celtic frost". Balance 1995, a group held in New York clubs, and Roger sat on drums, and guitarist invited from outside.

Mortician new chapter in the history of "Mortician" began in 1996, when they finally released their debut LP

.Titled as the "House by the Cemetery", the album included an unrealized composition, as well as re-recorded tracks of the early period. On the CD the musicians helped Roger partner on the project "Malignancy" Desmond Tolhurst. The first round of the group was held in October 1996 in the company of "Anal cunt" and "Incantation".Early next year, they released their second album, "Hacked up for barbeque", most of which also represented the old stuff. Fresh tracks "Mortician" pleased their fans in 1998.

From this point on albums began to appear regularly and regularly conducted tours. All this time the team tried to solve the problem with the drummer. And if in the session musicians regularly rescued drum machine, the concerts had to be sure to attend a live person. Question managed to close in August 2003, when the team appeared in Sam Inzerra.

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