Moris Bishop

Picture of Moris Bishop

Date of Birth: 05/29/1944

Age: 39

Citizenship: Grenada


Maurice Rupert Bishop (born Maurice Rupert Bishop;. May 29, 1944 - October 19, 1983) - Grenadian politician, the head of state in 1979-1983.

Born on the island of Aruba in the parents-grenadtsev, he graduated from high school and college under the tutelage of the Catholic Church, where he received a medal for outstanding achievements. Since its release (1962) engaged in educational activities, raising the political consciousness of local residents, but very short-lived, as in 1963 went to study law in London, where he received a lawyer`s diploma in 1966. For a time he worked in the private counsel of Notting Hill, helping with legal issues local people, people from the West Indies, participated in the campaign against discrimination. In those times, I went to the GDR and Czechoslovakia, read Mao, Marx, Engels, Stalin and inspired works Nyerere. He returned in 1970 on Grenada, where became a practicing lawyer, and, over time, a politician, too, just at the time when the "left" of the Caribbean region have gradually come together. Several times along with his friend Bernard Koardom youth was beaten by paramilitary forces of the ruling party. The founder of the political group Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education, and Liberation (New Jewel), which acted as the driving force behind the event in 1979 in Grenada. It executed as a result of factional strife caused the coup of 1983, which caused then the US intervention and the overthrow of the government of the island. Both friends and enemies say his charisma. A good speaker, speeches skillfully used the elements of humor.