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Once known American actor, comedian. His television appearances (especially as Buddy Sorrell) drove crazy with a considerable number of viewers in the sixties of the last century.

Morey Amsterdam was born in the United States, Illinois - October 27, 1908. At all times it was different apparent penchant for creativity - talent comedian was at Maury in the blood.

Amsterdam for the first time appeared in public in 1922, the year - in one of the musical performances. All anything, but at that time Maury was in connection with Al Capone and once fell under close attention of law. Because Amsterdam was forced to leave Chicago and went to California. There he began to look for a job, trusting in its own talent and inclination to komediantstvu. Soon his many skills gave fruits - Mori became recognizable. Fans started calling him "a man - machine that produces a joke. " It was true - he could make jokes always and everywhere ,and the quality and subtle. Sometimes he spoke with a certain device on the chest, which allegedly produced a joke, passing them on paper. In fact, nothing like this has happened - the paper each time found to be clean and jokes generated Amsterdam - quickly and not how much thinking. During the thirties Morey Amsterdam actively worked on the radio, and in 1937 became the leading performance in a nightclub.

In the early forties Amsterdam undertook to write scripts - for comic films (primarily for children).

By the end of the forties Mori productively worked on the radio. The number of his fans grew - he was loved and welcomed with joy. In the early fifties Amsterdam began to appear on television (and as a master of various programs, and playing in soap operas) , and - often performed on the stage of Broadway theaters.

Special attention is given Morey Amsterdam participated in the movies. Particularly active, he was shot in the sixties of the last century and, despite the fact that he never did not become a prominent actor of the movie, with pleasure and diligence to perform the role.

Morey Amsterdam lived up to 87 years. He died of a heart attack. This happened in 1996, the year in California, where he was later buried. Currently, work is in Mori history of cinema and television, as a true classic genres

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