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Date of birth: 10.12.1981

Age: 34

Place of birth: Alma-Ata

Citizenship: Russia

In fiction - all really

Author: Jean millet

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The film "Iron Sky" really based on real events?

- In the true story ?! Well, let`s say, in science fiction - all real.

What really is on the dark side of the moon?

- I was there only in your reality, because everyone - the dark side of the moon, and your answer to this question.

There is a suspicion that the picture of the Nokia sponsored company, after all, the film`s director - a Finn, and that is part of a global project of world domination against the iPhone. Is it so?

- These are the questions I have as an actress, not engaged. I read the script it was more important to understand that this is a very good script and I want to participate in it. We in Germany napryazhenka with Nokia, because the company has built a huge plant, has received a lot of support from the government, and then, when they got those millions, shut down everything and moved to another country, it seems to Romania. And the people were out of work. That is my personal relationship with Nokia.

And you have a phone?

- It is important? I use iPhones, at first I did not want to, but my husband gave me. I have thought, what a waste of money, and then about a week later it was impossible to get me out of there. IPhone - a great phone. I do not want anybody to do advertising, but I think it is.

How did you get into film Timo Vuorensola?

- Casting in Germany was terrible, because everyone wanted to participate. It was very interesting, I was given to read the script, it was all secret, but in general - it was the most normal casting.

Do you like your character?

- She`s evil, bitchy. But it becomes so immediately. It wakes up in her later. In the film "Bunker" there is a scene when it is clear that the war was over, lost, everyone is going, and gives a very long monologue Hitler and his associates do not understand how to explain to him that everything - the war is lost. The scene we saw in detail, when inventing a scene that I played. She`s a bitch, yes, but she is also a slave, and that it is important.

Your character - reklamschitsa, piarschitsa, did you have any friends with whom you have taken parts of the image?

- Of course, I have many colleagues in the field, I myself, when I was younger, she worked in the advertising business as a model, so it was, with what "to do the role." We had to develop: my character, enjoys the fact that her curse. She is so in love with his boss, even glad to such attention. But then, during installation, it is dropped. But it was an interesting detail, positive. During filming, it was fun and funny, but the installation does the job.

This is the secret of your nature broke?

- This is the work of the actor on the role, the desire to make your character alive.

Why Nazi symbols and shape so attractive?

- I think, in general attractive form. The shape was beautiful, it does not take away. The shape - a classic, a symbol of power, but this does not negate all the negative meanings of Nazi symbols. I am a Russian German, my ancestors were born and raised on the Volga, and were not involved in the Hitler regime, they fought for the Russian, against Nazism.

"Iron Sky" is made in such a way ironic. Is it acceptable on such topics ironic, joke?

- How else? Already seriously enough to talk about it, we must go further. Do not forget the past, but there has to be a step forward.

That is the trend, "Inglourious Basterds" is gaining momentum?

- Look at the world cinema, about the Second World War removed a lot in Russia, every second film. Maybe already somehow it is necessary to go further? I, by the way, this film is not perceived as the theme of Nazism, the conversation there is still about another generation, and even other nations. That`s what I liked about the script.

And how is it that people are starting to believe in some kind of a global idea, and does not understand that they simply manipulated?

- There is a very good book

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