Molly Brown

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Date of Birth: 07/18/1867

Age: 65

Place of birth: Hannibal

Citizenship: United States

Who survived the wreck of the Titanic?

Margaret Tobin, the daughter of Irish immigrants, was born July 18, 1867 in Hannibal, Missouri (Hannibal, Missouri). Tobin were part of the wave of immigration that followed the start of industrialization in America. Hannibal was a city of disparate, and young Margaret was an opportunity to get acquainted with different people and acquire a variety of interests Her parents found in the village community such as Irish Catholics who spoke for freedom and equality, and themselves held progressive views, believing that good education should be given not only boys but also girls. Margaret attended school up to 13 years, and the lessons she learned from her parents - the desire for personal growth and active participation in what is happening around - stayed with her for life. After school, when Margaret started working in a factory, she was faced with difficulties common to the working class of the time. Long working hours, low salaries, dependent status and the lack of stability was determined by the lives of many of her friends family, including her own. Hannibal was a major transportation hub, and here in the city, through which everything is constantly somewhere further than Margaret had a dream - to go to the west. As a result, Margaret and his brother Daniel moved to Leadville, Colorado (Leadville, Colorado).

In Leadville Margaret found a job in a department store, and actively participated in the life of the local Irish Catholic community. In addition, she was faced with the harsh realities that awaited gold miners in the West - many of them had to say goodbye to the dream of wealth and become employees, and even standing in line for a free bowl of soup in soup kitchens - Margaret just volonterstvovala in one of the such. Acquainted with the mining engineer James Joseph Brown (James Joseph Brown), human perspective, but not rich, she still married him September 1, 1886, although it had hoped to find a rich husband in person - but outweighed the love calculation. And luck to them - Jay-Jay got on the gold mine, and the owners of the mining company rewarded its shares, leaving the Browns became millionaires.

With the new money could afford a lot, starting with the spacious Denver mansion, purchased in 1894, and travel finishing and charity. To the west was planned economic downturn, the city flooded the hungry and homeless children, and these children have become the point of application of the inexhaustible forces of Margaret Brown. She took up with a passion social reforms that in 1901 even announced his candidacy in the State Senate, much to her husband angered - he believed that the woman`s name should appear in newspapers exactly three times, on the occasion of a birth, wedding and death. Molly went to the elections, but did not give up social work.

In 1902, the Browns went on a long journey, visiting Ireland (Ireland), France (France), Russian, India (India) and Japan (Japan), among others. Although the journey again this married couple closer together, in 1909, they still had left peacefully, though not divorced. Before the death of Jay-Jay in 1922, they lived separately, and Margaret got decent content and remained at the house.

Becoming more independent than before, Margaret went to the new journey that led her to the ill-fated `Titanik` in 1912. Clash of the liner with an iceberg was so strong, that Margaret had fallen on the floor of the bed on which the reading. The deck was a mess, but one of the passengers literally threw her into a lifeboat

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