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Date of Birth: 07/21/1922

Age: 86

Place of birth: Keely

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The saleswoman Mrs. Slokoumb

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Isabel Mary `Molli` Sugden - English actress, comedian, best known for the role of saleswoman Mrs. Slokoumb of the British comedy series` You service `(` Are You Being Served `?) In the period from 1972 to 1985-th?. Later, Isabel will repeat the role in the TV series `Grace & Favour` in the period from 1992 to 1993, d. Sugden has played in a number of television series, including `The Liver Birds` and` Coronation Street`.

Born Isabelle Marie Sugden in Kili, Yorkshire, in 1922. When she was only four, she heard a woman reading a poem at the village concert, causing laughter among the audience. The next Christmas girl asked to show that she can; Isabelle heard repeated the poem, fairly amused okruzhayushih. According to most actresses, it was then that she realized how nice it is - to make people laugh. Soon after, she left the school, the Second World War; Isabelle worked in a factory in Kili, making for fleet cartridges. After a while she knocked yourself temporary relief and began to attend the School of Music and Drama in London Gildholla.

After school, Sugden sat on the stage, where she worked for eight years; During this time she had the opportunity to work with Eric Sykes and Roy Dotraysom. Some time Isabelle was working on the radio; later she made her debut on television in his first sitcom. Besides the already mentioned `you serve?`, Sugden played in Benny Hill show, `Just Jimmy`,` Z-Cars`, `Up Pompeii!`, `The Goodies`,` Steptoe and Son` and `Jackanory`.

The first regular role Mollie Sugden received in 1962 - Mrs Crispin of the comedy series `and I`ll Hugh (` Hugh and I`). series The screenplay was written by John Chepmanom; later, when he started the project `The Liver Birds`, he immediately offered the role of Sandra Sugden matter, Mrs. Hutchinson. This lady Isabel portrayed from 1971 to 1979-th; In 1996, she returned to the project, despite the difficult state of health.

Already being a famous actress at the UK level, Sugden received her most famous role as an international level - Mrs Slokoumb overly assertive saleswoman from a popular and fairly long series `` you serve?. This show starred Isabelle thirteen years, from 1972 to 1985-th. In 1978, when it was thought the show was over, the actress took the lead role in `Go back, Mrs. Noy` (` Come Back Mrs Noah`); According to many, this was the worst sitcom of her works. From 1965 to 1976-th Molly played Nellie Harvey, owner of the pub `Laughing osel` from the series` Coronation Street`; as such, she often had to confront Annie Walker, landlady `Returns Rovera`. Later, in 1986, Sugden twenty three weeks joined the project team `That`s Life!`.

Molly has played many major roles in a number of popular sitcoms - for example, `That`s My Boy` in the period from 1981 to 1986 and the second` My Husband and I` c 1987 to 1988-th. It is in the `My Husband and I` actress played with her husband, actor William Moore.

Seven years after the end of the service you `` five of the actors of the original composition - including Sugden - appeared in the TV series `Grace & Favour`. In addition, Molly got a role in the TV series` Little Britaniya` ( `Little Britain`).

In 2002, on PBS out a special program dedicated to Molly - `Celebrating Mollie Sugden: An Are You Being Served`?.

Sugden, died at the Royal Surrey County Hospital on July 1, 2009. Death was due to natural causes; more accurate data are not available.

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