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Date of birth: 15.06.1982

Age: 34

Place of birth: Montreal

Citizenship: Canada


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Melissa `Missi` Peregrym was born June 15, 1982-th in Montreal, Canada. She grew up in Surreye, county in southern England, with his father, a minister, his mother and two sisters. As a teenager, Missy generally of little interest to the cinema or television, but it is starting a real tomboy, playing football, hockey and basketball and performed at the event. However, the original dream of becoming a teacher of gymnastics or basketball coach vanished in her adulthood. In its 18 years, she postponed the sports and to discover a new, glamorous world of fashion industry. Beauty Missy was the advertising face of `Mercedes Benz`,` Sprint Canada` and even the Olympic Games.

Pretty soon I noticed Peregrym Hollywood. So, in 2002, she made her acting debut in the fantasy series` Dark angel` with then-unknown actress Jessica Alba, and then in the same year she was invited to shoot in telesitkome `The Chris Isaac Show`. Peregrym also played supporting roles in such little-known projects as the series` Black poyas`, Jake `2.0` and` Return of mertvyh`.

Especially busy acting profession Missy began in 2004. She appeared in several series of rating, such as `` Secrets and Andromeda` Smolvilya`, and first received television role - in the drama `Rise and Fall of Heidi Flyays`. However, after it was followed by an even more significant event. Actress, though without mention in the credits appeared in the film `female koshka` with Halle Berry and earned the first recurring role - Jesse Bradford, teenage hit series` Transitional vozrast`.

The surprises did not stop there. Peregrym celebrated the next big breakthrough in 2006, received a leading role gymnast Haley Graham in the film `Buntarka`. Her character in the course of the story throws sport, refuses to participate in the championship in gymnastics and begins a violent but highly dubious life `normalnogo` teenager. It quickly turns to her dilemma: either go to jail for disorderly conduct, either voluntarily go into a closed elite gymnastic academy. The film became the first of her works, allowing one run on one platform with a whole galaxy of stars, among whom was Jeff Bridges, who plays her coach.

Today Missy Peregrym still counts on roles in movies and on television, but it remains true athletics again planning to become a basketball coach for youth sports programs in Los Angeles.

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