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Date of birth: 26.03.1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Krasnogorsk

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Michael Evlanov born March 26, 1976 in the suburban town of Krasnogorsk. Before becoming an actor, he is not only what to do! He graduated from the Suvorov Military School, served in the army, trained as a chef-cook of the third category (Michael and still loves to cook), and worked as a stoker and a mechanic, and a loader. And the boy was playing at the National Theater of Krasnogorsk and dreamed of becoming a real actor ...

Conquer metropolitan college theater Mikhail Evlanov tried more than once. But after a year, the other, and attempts have remained unsuccessful. Meanwhile, in 2000, he graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport, specialty "lawyer" and again decided to test fate. Only this time, Michael together with his childhood friend went to Peter.

St. Petersburg

At the entrance exams at the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy Mikhail Evlanov read Krylov`s fable "The Crow and the Fox". He says: "Krylova shameful words began to forget the beginning. However, it was necessary to somehow get out, and I began to write the go-forgotten line, forming a mad pun and nonsense, which caused the Commission Homeric laughter. Perhaps it is this ability to wriggle out of lightning out of difficult situations and has helped me to do. "

On listening to Michael SPbGATI Evlanov I met a girl-Applicant, who soon became his wife. A little later, the couple had a son Misha.

Learn Mikhail Evlanova happened in the studio and G.Kozlova G.Serebryanogo. As he himself admits, it was not easy to learn. And it`s not even in the intense training schedule, just Evlanov different from his classmates. Being a family man, he did not stay after school for extra rehearsals, and even more did not twist the novels, did not attend the party. "I was 25, and the other guys at 17-18. And behind him was the army and the Suvorov military school, is also reflected in the views, attitudes to the world. I often felt like I was a stranger, "- says Michael.

The first role in the movie

Like many students of the St. Petersburg theater schools Evlanov Michael began his career on the screen with the participation in the "Streets of Broken Lamps" (Valery Tkachenko in a series of "Butterfly") and "destructive power" (episode in the series of "Underground"). For this he was almost flew out of the academy already in the first year. Master course Grigory Mikhailovich Kozlov very jealous of education, believing that this is what should be put at the forefront. Because when Evlanov was invited into the picture Dmitry Meshieva "their", above it hangs the threat of deductions again. Fortunately, there were, what the actor very happy. Because as he says himself: "Actor for me - everything."

The role of the Red Army sniper Mitki Blinov in the war drama "Friends" was the first major work Evlanova in the movie. The picture was very truthful, without either moralizing. Such a realistic slice grinder early days of World War II. From German captivity run three, including Blinov. The fugitives hiding in his native village Mitki, where everything seems to be on your own. Only these "own" you can easily pass the Germans ...

The actor created the image of the young soldier, a simple country boy, is not particularly bother the question "Why" and "Why". "Any role you pass through the heart. But there are those who admit to their very innermost depths. Here in "His" I admitted. Mitya understood this perfectly. What he likes what he wants, which is afraid ", - says Mikhail Evlanov. For this work, the actor has been awarded the "Triumph - 2004" award.

In the last year of Mikhail Evlanov he starred in a sensational tape - film by Fyodor Bondarchuk "9th Company", which tells about the heroism of Russian soldiers in Afghanistan (picture came on the screen already after Evlanov graduated). For the role of ordinary Riabokon actor even had a haircut shaved. However, subsequently Evlanova for good roles had to go and not to make such sacrifices


While still a student, Mikhail Evlanov played in the performances of the St. Petersburg theater "On Moss" (Sorin in Chekhov`s "The Seagull," Zahar in the play "Oblomoff") and the Theater of Young Spectators named Bryantseva (lieutenant in the "Light breath").

In 2004 Mikhail graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. He planned to continue working in what may be from St. Petersburg theaters. However, like most of his classmates, he was out of work. "It is sad, because our acting and directing course was industrious, while studying, we have put a lot of performances", - says Mikhail Evlanov. In 2005, the young actor played a Sailor in the play "Youth theater" staged in the theater "In Moss" and Volodya lieutenant in "Sasha" St. Petersburg Theater of Young Spectators. After that, do not wait for an invitation, he returned to Moscow and switched to work in film.

Movie. 2006-2007,

After the success of films "His" and "Company 9" Mikhail Evlanov began to actively act in films. It should be noted that the roles he was offered diverse. "My face is generally considered the most convenient for make-up, for the transformation - I have a few blurry features, is easy to emphasize something and character change beyond recognition" - says the actor.

Michael Evlanova had a chance to work with different directors - and the young, and the masters. And all of them he was very grateful, "Everyone has their own world, they shared them with me, and I`m soaked. You just need to know how to listen. " A relationship develops differently. Sometimes, an actor with the director did not immediately found a common language. So in the picture Marina Razbezhkina "Yar" (in the novel by Sergei Yesenin), he starred Karev. The actor admits that at first did not understand the director`s role and grind only then realized the idea of ??the picture.

Just another work of Michael Evlanova was in the movie Dmitry Meshieva "7 booths" (2007), filmed in the style of black comedy. Spies, murders, love is on the verge of life and death - and it all takes place in an enclosed area to be repaired female nightclub toilet. The actor played the role in the movie silly mobster Oleg. According to him - the role is not very smart, but interesting, hooligan, had the opportunity to experiment, to try something new.

Among the other works of the actor in 2006-2007: a very nervous with the criminal element Fyodor Distillery in the comedy "Election Day", a cruel, ruthless wolf in the fantasy series "The Young Wolfhound, junior sergeant of police Vitek in the comedy melodrama" narrowing-disguised " . All the characters are very different, because the actor never plays himself. It`s boring. Each character he creates carefully, and based on the history of individual parts. These details help him to "get out of themselves." For example, during the shooting of Svetlana Proskurina melodrama "The best time of the year" Evlanov room hung with quotations from Brodsky and the apostle Paul, who gave him a director.

Movie. 2008-2010,

Very soon, Michael Evlanov became very popular cinema actor. And demand in the movie has its downside. A few films a year, often shooting in different patterns overlap. And it`s not in regular flights, and the need to rebuild quickly from one image to another. For example, in the science fiction film directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island" Evlanov distinctive role played Captain Chachu - direct, hard fighters with a mohawk on his head. And at the same time the shooting occurred in the drama of Alexander Proshkina "Live and Remember" on the novel by Valentin Rasputin, where the hero was Evlanova Andrei Guskov - deserter, eternal fugitive, doomed to loneliness. The role of the difficult and dramatic. However, the actor could be convincing in this and in another film.

In 2009-10 came a series of films with the participation of Mikhail Evlanova. The actor recalls with pleasure shooting action movie Igor Voloshin`s "I", in which he, in his own words, "looked to the fullest." There were also: Romance "Rustic Romance" (the police captain Mikhail Ryabov district), Action "Group" Zeta ". The film is the second "(Baton), a mystical thriller" The Tower "(photographer Valery), war drama" Brest Fortress "(Proskurin), a melodrama" Path to Myself "(Leon), war drama" The sky is on fire "(Leonid Tarasenko) and other filmstrip.

Based on the large number of successful works of Michael Evlanova in such high-profile films, it would be possible for a long time to write: "The next day he woke up famous." But here`s the paradox picture with his participation is known and loved, his name is on everyone`s lips, and the actor is rarely recognized on the street. In one interview, he once said: "I know rarely. More often not as an artist, but as some sort of criminal element. Mistaken for a thief, drug dealer, and then - to check documents. Maybe the "blame" my face become familiar: Somewhere I saw him, give, hold, just in case, and there will understand. " There was a case when Evlanova not even want to let the premiere of "Inhabited Island", without recognizing in it the actor. But this once again confirms the uniqueness of his talent, the ability to reincarnation, to empathy in the way proposed.

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