Mirdza Martinsone

Picture of Mirdza Martinsone

Date of Birth: 08/16/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: Riga

Citizenship: Latvia

I would love to kill Georgians.

In Moscow, it was not exactly 10 years, and met with Mrs. Martinsone, I was convinced that she is now a fabulously good. The most striking thing about the upcoming tour of the Moscow Art Theatre Riga Dramatic Theatre, where Martinsone plays matchmaker in Gogol`s "Marriage" is not written virtually no newspaper! And I was the only journalist who after the play has received an invitation to the Latvian embassy to mark its successful performance and the 20th anniversary of a famous painting.

Hate teachers

Mirdza, fun to watch Gogol in the Latvian language!

- I was born in the town on the border with Russia, so all the Russian close to me - I love to play Russian classics and is pleased that it is of interest to Latvians too.

You have well remembered. For primarily "Mirage" ...

- I did not feel that this is my finest hour. Just I was young and surrounded by good actors and felt great! Large fees are not received. Esliznamenitaya Via Artmane at the time had a rate of 50 rubles per day of shooting, I paid 12. And I did on this occasion did not grieve.

But really, after the film`s release, you probably know that this glory?

- In fact, the letter came from all over the Soviet Union. One Georgian threatened that if I will not answer him in return, he slaughters me first, and then himself. A certain fan from Novosibirsk signed his works on higher mathematics ... named Mirdza Martinsone! And he sent them to me as a gift.

There`s a scene where you appear in a frame of naked ...

- Oh yes, I went for it`s great! Latvian teacher wrote angry letters - how is this possible ?! But I, frankly, did not care for it. My husband also expressed little dissatisfaction. But I make the decisions myself, what to do and what not.

And he was not jealous of actor Martins Wilsons, with which you jump off a cliff at the end of the movie?

- The fact that the husband himself played in this film. Remember the two police officers, who are chasing our gang in the mountains? Here`s one dark brown hair, and he is, his name is Martins Verdins. This is my first and only husband. He also filmed a lot, but now leave acting career - working designer. We are not separated, but together no longer live. However, normally we communicate, and helps children Martins.

Roman boxer

How many children do you have?

- Two. About their age even scared to talk (Mirdza laughs.): Daughter Madara - 26, and son Martins Matys - 15. This is my main wealth in life.

Children, of course, the most important thing. But the actress with your track record has to be very well-to-woman!

- No, I do not consider myself such. Salary in the theater is very small, and I have to give half of his two-bedroom apartment. The hardest part for me in every sense was the 98th year, when my mother died ... But I`m not complaining and look to the future with optimism. I`m glad that I remembered in Russia, and I hope to come here more often.

Excuse me for asking, but a bright woman, as you probably happens to be a bunch of novels on the set?

- Nothing like this! I have long understood that the partners in the film, as well as with the director and the operator can not have such a relationship. It`s so interferes with work! And I never changed it to his rule. Well ... Is that one. But of this we can not say.

Mirdza, because so many years have passed!

- Who knows what! It happened on the movie "The rich man, poor man." It was very beautiful Lithuanian played a boxer ... Everything, everything - a word more! What if his wife finds out - then what will ?!


* The name "Mirdza" with Latvian translates as "flickering".

* In addition to the "Mirage", Martinsone starred in the films - "The rich man, poor man", "Death to sail", "Arrows of Robin Hood", "This dangerous door to the balcony," "Raspberry wine", "Hunting the dragon", "Photo with a woman and wild boar "and others.