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Year of birth: 1981

Age: 34 year

Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Citizenship: United States


It was followed by the album "Dark Side of the Spoon", whose title refers to a drug problem in the "Ministry". By the way, because of this, in May 1999 ,he graduated from suicide guitarist William Tucker.

This indastrial-Project was founded in 1981 in Chicago Cuban Al Jorgenson (b. October 8, 1958, Havana). In the States he brought his mother when he was still a kid. In America, he sometimes worked as a DJ on the radio, yet did not join the "Special effect" new wave group.This team has released a couple of EPs, and then broke up. Then-the E and planned to organize a "Ministry". In the initial configuration except it included bassist Lamont Welton and drummer Stephen George. The debut release of the group was released on a small label "Wax Trax!" single "Cold Life", something resembling a work of "Human league".In the same vein it was made and the first full-length album "Work with love", released in the United States under the name "With sympathy". For his recording artists have been invited to the following: bassist Marty Sorenson, vocalist Shay Jones, guitarist Walter Tarbett, Stephen George, and keyboardists Robert Roberts and John Davis.The album did not even hit the US Top 100. Jorgenson disillusioned with the music then played "Ministry", spat at all, the team disbanded and assembled a new project, "Revolting cocks". In 1985, he finally decided to revive the sign "

Ministry "and actually being the only official member of the band, he recorded the album" Twitch ",significantly tightening sound. By 1987, Al took to his company the following musicians: former bassist "Front 242 " Paul Barker, keyboardist Roland Barker and drummer William Rieflin. The very same duties except Jorgenson singer took also the guitar. On the next album,"The Land Of Rape And Honey" and "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" sound even heavier and become more aggressive. At the first of these musicians could mix the energy of heavy metal, industrial -dance rhythms and punk aggression. During the tour, a live album was recorded in the second support of the album "In Case You Didn`t Feel Like Showing Up".His record was attended by drummer Martin Atkins and guitarist William Tucker. "I stay for a while" on it and Jello Biafra of "Dead Kennedys".

Then Jorgenson again became interested in side projects besides "Revolting cocks" by participating in the " 1000 homo DJs", "Acid horse" and "Lard".Disc 1992 "Psalm 69 " brought the band commercial success thanks to the two most popular tracks, "Jesus Built My Hot Rod" and "N.W.O.". The tour "Lollapalooza" the same year, as part of "Ministry" appeared guitarist Mike Scacchi.

When the group moved to the label "WEA / Warner" E from the "old men" left Barker and Scacchi,and the rest of the updated composition. For shock I was sitting Voshem Ray, Duane Buford on keyboards and second guitar played Louis Svitek. 1996 album "Filth pig", which included a cover of Dylan`s "Lay Lady Lay" has become the most selling album "Ministry", but Jorgenson again froze the project, transferring its activities in the "Lard".In 1999, he released the single "Bad Blood", used as the soundtrack to the movie "The Matrix." It was followed by the album "Dark Side of the Spoon", whose title refers to a drug problem in the "Ministry". By the way, because of this, in May 1999, he graduated from suicide guitarist William Tucker.This was followed by a series of misfortunes: the group was expelled from the "Warner", she was denied participation in the "Ozzfest" and the label "Ipecac Records", promising to release three live albums "of Ministry", has not released any.After much anguish team signed a contract with "Sanctuary Records" and in the spring of 2002 finally came into the world a new album, "Sphinctour".

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