Mile Budak

Picture of Mile Budak

Date of Birth: 08/30/1889

Age: 55

Citizenship: Croatia


Mile Budak (Horw Mile Budak; August 30, 1889 - June 7, 1945.) - Croatian statesman and writer.

The activity of the Ustasha regime in Croatia, the organizer of the genocide against the Serbs, Roma and Jews, earning the nickname "Minister of Culture with a gun." The writer (his novels and is now sold in Croatia). Calls for the expulsion of Serbs from Croatia and the destruction of them, called them in his books "slaves", "poor" and so on. N.

After coming to power of the Ustasha took the post of the minister of education, religion and worship, as well as doglavnika (Deputy poglavnik, that is the "leader" of the party Ustasha, Ante Pavelic). He attributed the words that Ustashe should "kill a third, to expel a third and convert to Catholicism, a third of the Serbs", supposedly uttered by the summer of 1941.

He was arrested by partisans in 1945 while attempting to flee to Austria and executed with his family.

After the proclamation of Croatia`s independence in 1991, under the dictatorship of Franjo Tudjman, attempts to rehabilitate Budak, published in large editions of his book. The official position was that he was appreciated as a writer and a fighter for the independence of the country, regardless of the outcome of his political activities. However, after coming to power in 2003, the government Ivo Sanader with respect to the Budak there was a twist. In particular, it was renamed the streets that bear his name, dismantled plaque.