Mildred Helen Shay

Picture of Mildred Helen Shay

Date of Birth: 09/26/1911

Age: 94

Place of birth: Long Island

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Elena Murzina

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Mildred Helen Shay was born September 26, 1911 on Long Island in New York, the son of a wealthy lawyer Joseph A. Shay and his wife, Lillian, socialite. From an early age the girl knew what a tragedy - a year after her birth by a drunk driver killed her older brother, and it could not impose a mark on the situation in the family. Later, Mildred tied his constant desire `to dance, dance, dance and veselitsya` with grief, in which the family lived throughout her childhood.

Up to 14 years Mildred studied in New York and France, and then his father sent the girl and her younger sister Adeline continue their studies in London. The family had a house in Nice and Florence, and among the staff, she said, were Russian aristocrats, forced to leave their homeland because of the revolution.

Eventually the family settled in Hollywood because of the work of Joseph, who led the case of several studios and Lilian girls settled in the two-story apartment of a luxury hotel that was once the home of Alla Nazimova, stage actress and one of the first movie stars of Russian origin. It was there that Mildred met with Laurence Olivier and comedian Harpo Marx, and is said to have bathed naked actress Ginger Rogers. Obschenies artists infected Mildred passion for acting, and she asked her father to help her get to the shooting. Mr. Shay contacted the head of the film company `Fox Studios` and soon Mildred has already passed its first audition with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., son of the famous actor. Mildred is close friends with actress Norma Shearer and her husband Irving Tallberg, who headed the studio `MGM`, he studied acting with Clark Gable and his wife Josephine Dillon, who dedicated Shay all the local gossip.

In 1932, Mildred first appeared on the screen with a small role in the film `Sovershennoletie` (The Age of Consent) and` Bill of razvode` (A Bill of Divorcement), which debuted in the future one of the greatest Hollywood stars Katherine Hepburn, and the voice the character of Greta Garbo in the legendary movie film `Grand otel` (Grand Hotel).

Mildred Shay came every day to the studio in his personal `mersedese`, and then sends to the party. Her beauty attracted to her a multitude of men, and its longer recognized due to high-profile romance, than because of the noticeable role. Among her admirers were the actor Errol Flynn, who knew and Soviet audiences for his role as Captain Blood, eccentric Howard Hughes, swimmer Johnny Weissmuller, who performed the role of Tarzan, and director and producer Cecil Blount De Mille, who invited Mildred to his ranch and treated oysters with pearls .

Mildred married three times. Her first husband was Thomas Francis Murphy, drunken jealous, which had huge debts. Mildred could not pay, so Murphy had the audacity to send invoices to the studio of his wife or in the office of her father. Their marriage held about a year and ended when Murphy put out a cigarette on the leg of his wife, who fell ill from the shock with pneumonia.

Second husband, Mildred was Winthrop Gardiner Jr. He gave Mildred ring with a huge diamond that zloyazyky secular columnist Walter Winchell, who coined the nickname `Pocket Venera`, noted that `on this rock you can build Manhetten`. Gardiner wife piled furs and jewels, but the marriage was not a happy one, and broke in six months because of his infidelity. Due to the notoriety at Mildred`s soured relations with family, relatives shunned her.

In 1939, Shay played with Joan Crawford in the film `Zhenschiny` (The Women) and was one of the few actresses well ladivshih with moody star.

In 1940, Mildred met with high handsome brunette Jeffrey Steele, a British officer, and instantly fell in love. They quickly got married, and uzhevo honeymoon secular journalists wondered whether the marriage will stretch at least six months. Marriage stretched 46 years, until his death, Jeffrey. During the Second World War, Steele returned to England, and Mildred went with him. They have a daughter, Georgiana was born, and Mildred greatly limited his acting work, engaging in raising a child. The role in the British comedy in 1948 `I killed grafa` (I Killed the Count) was the last for the actress for some time. She returned to the screens only after many years, in the early `70s, and while she was a wife and mother, was often in Buckingham Palace and rotated in the best London society.

In 1968, Shaye has returned to filming with a small role in the film `Zvezda` (Star); in 1974, he played in the `Great Getsbi` (The Great Gatsby) with Mia Farrow; soon the avant-garde film director Ken Russell proposed to 66-year-old actress role in a biopic about the greatest actor of silent films of Rudolph Valentino, where Mildred danced with Rudolf Nureyev. In the next 30 years, Mildred Shay least resembled a pensioner. She continued to act and led a very active life, attending social events.

Mildred Shay died October 15, 2005, aged 94, in London, while staying with his daughter, Georgiana Waller.