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Date of birth: 10.05.1982

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Manila

Citizenship: Philippines


Marcelino Antonio `Miko` Karaga Sotto III was born on 10 th May 1982 in Manila, Philippines. He had a brother, Marius Sotto, his senior by two years, and a younger sister, Mara Isabel Motto younger actor for eight years. Miko - the son of the family, is directly related to the show business. His mother - actress Ali Sotto and his father - `Maru` Marcelino Sotto Jr., actor and comedian brother Vincent Sotto III of actor Val Sotto and comedian Vic Sotto.

In the past, his girlfriend was actress Angel Loksin. Being a real find talent agencies `GMA Artist Center`, Mico in the last years a lot of time working on television, acting in the GMA television network program, aimed at young people. These projects include series `Click` and` Kahit Kailan`.

Sotto worked on the set of the television series `SOP` and` Walang Hanggan`, and also participated in several feature films. Among them - Philippine comedy Antonio Reis `Bakit ba ganyan? (Ewan ko nga ba, Darling) `2000, with Dina Bonnevie and horror comedy` Bahay ni Lola` of 2001. Finally, in 2003, Miko again came to the director Reis in his fi shooter `Fantastic Man`.

He died after he fell from the ninth floor of an apartment house in the city of Mandaluyong. The death of 21-year-old actor was pronounced upon his arrival to the city medical center. According to preliminary investigation, Sotto was with two friends, cousin Oyo Sotto Boyem and one of the assistants of the residential complex of San Francisco Garden Plaza. According to information gathered, the guard domavidel as Sotto sitting on the balcony railing. Miko started to say goodbye to friends, and tried to get off the railing, when his foot allegedly got into a pot with a plant, he lost his balance and fell down.

Son of Ali Sotto immediately taken to a nearby medical center in Mandaluyong. George Cheng, a doctor on duty at the hospital, said: `The patient died from multiple fractures cherepa`. However, after that Miko body also brought to the Makati Medical Center, where doctors, of course, could not bring him back to life.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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