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Date of Birth: 04/17/1950

Age: 41

Place of birth: Budapest

Citizenship: Hungary


Author: Igor BIN

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Hungarian actor Miklos Kalochai graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts. Then in 1973 he worked in the Theater. Madach. One of his early works was the role of Romeo, which determined the further role of the actor - the hero-lover. In 1980 Miklos Kalochai joined the troupe Varszinhaz`e (Theatre in the Castles), and became an actor of the National Theatre since 1982.

With age, the actor began to prefer to play the role of ironic, humorous characters. It is hoping to replace the role in 1989, he joined the troupe of the Szeged National Theatre and then on the independent scene under the leadership of Jozsef Rust.


Miklos Kalochai actively acted in films of Hungarian production. Soviet the viewer recognized him because of melodrama Viktor Titov `leave without pay. " Miklos has played the role of a charming, intelligent, tactful, driver test Laszlo working in the Hungarian factory "Ikarus". Along with the hero IgoryaKostolevskogo it is testing a new model of the bus, and then falls in love with Kate (Olga Melikhova) ...

Miklos Kalochai died in 1991 in a car accident. Early death of the actor prevented the further development of his talent.


1971 Pres (Hungary)

1973 A Fekete Mercedes utasai (Hungary)

1974 Aranyborju (Hungary)

1974 Ficzek ur (Hungary)

1974 Holnap lesz facan (Hungary)

1975 Tudos nok (Hungary)

1975 A Peleskei notarius (Hungary)

1976 A Mela tempefoi (Hungary)

1977 Zenes TV szinhaz (Hungary)

1978 Tengerre nezo cellak (Hungary)

1981 Halal a penztarban (Hungary)

1981 Holidays at their own expense (USSR-Hungary)

1981 Vedtelen utazok (Hungary)

1982 Roza neni elintezi (Hungary)

1983 Egymilliard evvel a vilag vege elott (Hungary)

1983 Mint oldott keve (Hungary)

1985 Szechenyi napjai (Hungary)

1986 Charley nenje (Hungary)

1988 Turheto Lajos (Hungary)

1988 Ocsi, a sztar (Hungary)

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