Mikhail Mamaev

Picture of Mikhail Mamaev

Date of Birth: 02/13/1973

Age: 43

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Catherine Romanenkova

Website: Celebrities

- Misha, frankly, probably since childhood girls pulled pigtails and wrote love notes to them?

- As a child, I had other hobbies, I was preparing myself to feats! I dreamed of being a spy. I remember there was a time when I was engaged once in five sections: karate, karting, athletics, skiing and swimming. But then my parents decided that for the future of man is more important than intelligence, and sent me to a special school of English.

- What scout is also very important, as well, and the fact that then you entered the MGIMO - straight road abroad. Spies, as you want!

- Well yes. That`s just, I refused the distribution abroad and stayed in the Union - flew to the North. At this time, I became ill the theater and dreamed only of the stage. He began to travel around the country, to speak with his poems and one day, I was walking down the street Gorky and met her ...

- Well, now, thank God, there was a mysterious stranger, and we have already started to think that the myth of your loving just fiction fans.

- She was an assistant director in antrepriznom play "Caligula", where I was one of their main roles. The play enjoyed great success. This creative impulse, I even entered the "pike". I all came easily: girls, money: Latest quickly spent on the first and again easily overworked - a continuous carnival of love, wine and fun. One day we celebrated the tenth play "Caligula" at the restaurant actors at home - this was before the fire. As always pretty drunk. I danced on the table ...

- Not only as erotic dance?

- Well, something like that. I was approached by Svetlana Druzhinin: A few days later I was offered a role in "midshipmen".

- It smells of office romance ..?

- I was lucky that I got to know this woman. She gave me literally led by the hand in the movie and immediately said: "Either shoot or your study." I had to throw the Shchukin School. I respect this woman, so we are working together for many years. Office romance is not to blame. While I strongly carried away his partner Christina Aguilera. My heart was broken three sheets. On the one hand, I was afraid to approach her, she was out of reach for me a star, on the other hand I felt her sympathy to me. Such a relationship is inevitable, if you "love play". To his eyes glowed with passion, you need to experience something similar. Then I was not a professional actor, so the story passes through itself, he did not play, and lived his hero. Actually, I had to learn a lot - to fence, ride a horse: I remember how I was taught to ride a horse: put on a horse show at the press that, for that pull, well: horse threw me immediately. Then he explained to me that the horse should be as a woman - to put pressure on her own will. I went to the horse, put his forehead on her huge face and say, "Do you understand who is the boss here?". And the training immediately went fine. But, after all, about the horses I do not have the most pleasant memories: during the filming of the movie "Midshipmen 3" my horse stepped on the man. I shoot a scene where I`m on the attack squad. Around explosions, smoke. Something there, pyrotechnics did not work, and pulled firecracker right under the hooves of my horse, she was frightened, jerked to the side, was hit by an actor from the crowd and walked through it. The spectacle disgusting, always remember.

- Misha, with women you act the same way as with horses: you push your own will?

- Not always. The woman - a delicate mechanism. Sometimes a smile is enough - and it`s yours, and sometimes crumble in front of her kindness, bestow flowers and gifts, and it is impregnable, as the Brest Fortress.

- What kind of women do you like - And blondes and brunettes, and full, and thin - all sorts. If the share of women in any category, unwittingly likens the buyer chooses an animal or goods for some consumer features. The most important woman live fire in the eyes, soul mate. When you understand it perfectly-poluvzglyada. When she was in love, as in the pool with his head, not thinking about the consequences. Even if this love will not last long. The women are all beautiful!

- You had to drop everything for a woman and rush her to the edge of the world, at breakneck speed?

- I once gave up his commercial firm, got into the car and went to Turkey for his girlfriend, she worked in Istanbul for a modeling agency. I stayed there for a long time. Just turned up the work, I was invited to appear in commercials, music videos. Then grace is over, and I was forced to work as a bartender.

- Maybe it was worth to go back to Russia?

- And throw your favorite? Usually, it happens that I leave a woman, not I them. I guess I do not have enough determination to make the first step to break. This is the inheritance of a man - to bear the blows of love.

- And your friend did not delay the application of such an attack?

- At this time, with me there was beautiful, like fireworks affair with a wealthy Turkish woman, she often dropped in to see me in a bar, and one day we went together: It was a great episode in my life, I had completely lost his head. As a result, and the favorite lost, and beauty-Turk parted. It was then that I came back to Moscow and all seething emotions in me, poured into a book.

- How did you get into the "Red Shoe Diaries"?

- In Moscow, the casting, I was selected ...

- Skromnik you ours, probably, again dancing on the table?

- Well no. I read the script, and carried away a few frivolous stroked translator, for which bylnakazan: the role of the statement.

- What are your impressions of the shooting in American erotica?

- Shooting in the American cinema, whether it is erotic, or other genre quite comparable to domestic ones. There are no technical, organizational problems, I was able to think only of the work. If a block to my arm had to catch a pigeon with a note, he sat it on hand. We would have spent a few days at this stage, and even the birds work well for Americans.

- During the erotic scenes are not tempted to look in the mirror: "How do I look, whether moving beautifully and seductive facial expression?"

- (Laughing) This is purely a women`s issue. For all these points should be the director, cameraman, lighting and many other professionals, and my goal - to be persuasive in love, caresses, tenderness. Although, of course, narcissism - acting purely hell.

- It is interesting that a man feels that making love in full view of the entire crew?

- When you touch the body of a woman, when you see her eyes, feeling her breath near his temple, usually forget that next to somebody else there.

- It seems that there has not been without a novel.

- It was a dizzying affair with my partner, I do not want to call her name, so as not to compromise, but will only say that two months of shooting turned into a real celebration of love. I do not know where a movie, and where reality. Unfortunately, this novel was doomed.

- How do you transfer "wreck of love"?

- Very painful. I am very attached to your loved one. But as a rule, from depression pulls me a new feeling.

- You do not feel a womanizer?

- Perhaps Pushkin can be called a womanizer. But if you love the state helps in the works, is it a vice?