Mikele Plachido

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Date of birth: 19.05.1972

Age: 44

Citizenship: France

I killed Commissioner Cattani

Author: George Zotov

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- Well, what is your first question? As I understand it, about the Octopus?

- Of course. You already begins to scare?

- (Laughs.) I do not faint. Octopus brought me great popularity outside of Italy, and it is understandable that people know me in the rest of the world as Corrado Cattani. Not everyone even know what my real name, but when I go to Africa, children in the street and point the finger shouting: Commissioner! So for me personally, Cattani - is also very significant figure, I put him in a lot of his character, his sculpted as a sculptor. Basically, I know very well the work of the police, because he was young, when he came to the military service, was sent to the Roman police. So I can not say that I was unhappy with the end result.

As for the grandfather runs a mafia - it would be just a comedy

- Nevertheless, you end up in this series left.

- You know, there is a limit. Well as you can travel to the Commissioner Cattani? Therefore, when the negotiations were conducted on the fourth part of the Octopus, I said everything Cattani must kill. First, the producer almost killed myself for saying that (laughs), but then I realized that I was adamant. If I had not done, then so I would then struggled with a mafia on TV, and I was really close to 60, and the Octopus would have turned into a comedy, my grandfather with shortness of breath and severe face chasing mafia (laughs).

- Do not feel sorry afterwards that buried Commissioner?

- If only I wish we would have found much reason to resurrect Corrado - say, cloned or could have found his twin brother: such problems usually does not happen in Film. No, I have never regretted. I had the opportunity to give more time to the theater.

I think that the criminals also love watching the detectives

- And what for you is special about the theater?

- It`s real art. You do not have the stage twenty doubles as a movie, and the audience can see your every move. If you made a mistake, played poorly, you will not be forgiven. Movies can be dull and boring, oversaturated special effects, and then the audience just leave the money on hand and does not take away anything in his head, the same theater - completely different, it does not tolerate false relationship to the viewer, or cast aside tomatoes. I now put the performances and shoot their films, I like it too.

- By the way, you never said that the mafia Octopus thinking about the show?

- I`ve heard those rumors that the mafia in Sicily Octopus show hours glued to the screens, as well as all the other inhabitants of Italy. Yes, there is nothing strange - maybe they saw it as a comedy, but can - as a guide to action (laughs). But I am confident that the Mafia likes detective stories: perhaps a television series about the criminals it is even more interesting than the others, because it is their professional environment. In any case, none of the mafia was not offended and did not threaten me for what I do every night on television relentlessly to shoot dozens of bandits. When I was in Russia, I also said that Octopus is popular among all strata of the population.

- By the way, you have something for a long time we did not.

- So no one invites (laughs). No, actually I`m always happy to come to Moscow, and I like to walk around the city center, you have a beautiful church.

- You it was difficult to play Russian - Major Pandora in the movie Afghan Breakdown?

- Is extremely difficult. I actually did not know the Russian nature and still can not understand why I was invited to this role. It`s so strange to a foreigner in the Russian cinema was playing Russian. Maybe this film would attract international attention at festivals or something like that. I talked a lot with your commandos, and it struck me as courageous people. They showed me how to deal with the "Kalashnikov". But even more it struck me that officers can safely drink a glass of vodka and get drunk (laughs).

- This national specificity.

- Perhaps, I knew people from abroad, who marveled at why Italians drink for lunch and dinner wine as plain water and it does not act on them.

- And what do you think of yourself as a fault?

- Positively, I`m Italian. The main thing - do not abuse them.

- You are known for never answering questions about his personal life.

- Of course. I`m not Bill Clinton, so why talk about it? The more so because I had very difficult moments iochen that most remember is not so easy. Why reopen in memory the sad thing? Let`s finish this discussion.

- What would you like to say to your fans in Russia?

- What do I love them all, and it is not the word du jour. You may not believe me, but nowhere near Octopus was not such a tremendous reputation outside Italy, as in the former Soviet Union. Every time I come to Moscow, and I met the crowds, even though I have many years of how committed to the role of the Commissioner: are convinced that the Russian love of the eternal Cattani. I was even told later that some of the characters of Russian detective series like debited from Corrado Cattani. And I`m proud of it, because Corrado, in effect, was a good man, he should emulate.

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Michele Placido was born in southern Italy, May 19, 1946. He graduated from the Rome Academy of Theatre Arts, for a long time played in several theaters. In 1972 he made his debut on the big screen in the comedy Teresa thief. World fame came to him (of course) after showing the first series La Piovra (in the Soviet box office - Octopus) in 1984 - it was already the 44th film Placido. Having played in the fourth and final part of the Octopus for himself in 1989, Michele took up a career directed and shot eight films. He is divorced and has three children from the actress Simonetta Stefanelli.