Mike Bannister

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Age: 67

Citizenship: United Kingdom

The last flight of the legendary `Konkorde`

`Konkord` - a perfect example of the aircraft streamlined. Among its other peers he immediately distinguished by the presence lowered the nose fairing and integrated many advanced technologies.

Speeds achieved `Konkordom` in flight, it was so high that the aircraft literally stretched - up to 10 inches (25 cm). Because of this it took to create a new type of paint that can withstand such expansion and to adapt to high temperatures.

Entry into commercial operation `Konkorda` held January 21, 1976-th, when he was made a flight from London`s Heathrow Airport in the UK (London, UK) to Bahrain (Bahrain). Piloted by Captain Norman Todd (Norman Todd), the aircraft developed a cruising speed of 1350 miles per hour (2,173 km / h). We are talking about Mach 2 - the speed, twice the speed of sound. The aircraft exceeded the speed of rotation of the earth and, like Superman, turned out to be faster than a bullet. Not surprisingly, the `proposed Konkord` covered him away twice as fast as its competitors.

In 2003, nearly 50 thousand flights and spending across the sky about 2.5 million passengers, a supersonic aircraft miracle officially went into `otstavku`. Captain Mike Bannister made a final, truly the last flight on `Konkorde` izMezhdunarodnogo JFK airport in the United States in Cleverly - 24 October of 2003.

Further service `Konkordov` simply proved to be too costly. A total of 20 aircraft of this type have been built; of which only 14 actually received the service. In addition, the disaster `Konkorda` near Paris (Paris), which took place July 25, 2000 th, undermined public confidence in the safety of passenger aircraft. It was only a single car accident involving `Konkorda`. In the future, people scared of air travel even more - due to the destruction of the World Trade Center in New York (NY) 20011 September 11 th.

Back in the recent past, particularly in the February 7, 1996-th, when `Concorde G-BOAD`, a modern engineering marvel, set the first world record air speeds. On this memorable day, the commander of Leslie Scott (Leslie Scott), co-pilot Tim Orchard (Tim Orchard) and mechanical engineer Rick Eads (Rick Eades) flew to `Concord` company `British Airways` New York (New York City) in London. The team spent in the sky a record 2 hours 52 minutes and 59 seconds. The ship covered a distance of 3750 miles (6035 km) with an average speed of 1250 miles per hour (2010 km / h).

Before you realize his attempt to enter into the history, the team conducted a small podgotovitelnyeraboty. For optimum air temperature and `urovnya` low wind speed in February it was considered the best month. Scott Orchard and Eads were aware that they could use `` jet stream - a narrow band of westerly winds that blow at a distance of 5.5-10 miles (9-16 km) above the Earth`s surface - for lifting and lowering.

It is important to quickly accelerate to a speed of Mach 2 after take-off and slow down as slowly as possible. In addition, Orchard liaised (unofficially) with the staff of the Office of the US air traffic control and the UK to minimize any delay in the takeoff and landing and, of course, to get an accurate record of time of departure and arrival.

Trinity had decided not to tell anyone of hundreds of passengers, and five flight attendants, an attempt to set a record. It was just a safety net in the event of failure. Nobody was going to risk the safety of those on board, for a new world record. If something goes wrong for any reason, Scott, Orchard and Eads would immediately abandoned the implementation of the attempt.

However, everything went smoothly, as had been planned. All, except for one thing. Approaching Heathrow, `Concorde G-BOAD` nose was supposed to land on the east. All other air traffic used this runway for landing nose to the west.

For obvious reasons, the Office of the US air traffic and the UK was not easy to get permission to land at Heathrow `Konkorda` in the opposite direction. Management needed confidence that the world record will be put. To this gentlemen Scott Orchard and Eads firmly stated that the record will be, and remained true to his word.

After landing, the flight attendants said they, suspecting nothing, just participated in a successful attempt to `porvat` world record. Then it was reported, and the passengers who came to a real delight.

If you ever find yourself in New York, visit the Museum of the sea, air and space `Intrepid`, one of the exhibits of which was the same` Konkord`-record-company `British Airways`.

The perpetrator of the last flight on `Konkorde`, said Mike Bannister joined the` British Airways` team back in 1977, becoming the youngest pilot. During his career, Bannister had accumulated about 9600 flight hours on `Konkorde`, of which nearly 7,000 spent bullet mode.

Mark remained the main pilot of the fleet in Konkordov` `` British Airways` from 1995 until the withdrawal of the `Konkorda` operation in 2003.