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Date of Birth: 05/30/1972

Age: 44

Place of birth: Maipu

Citizenship: Argentina

Argentine actor starred in Francis Ford Coppola`s film

Author: Elena Murzina

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Mike Amigorena (Mike Amigorena) - Argentine actor and TV presenter. His father - of Argentine Basque as Eva Peron (Eva Per & # 243; n) and Che Guevara (Che Guevara), and the mother - of Italian immigrants.

Ricardo Luis Amigorena (Ricardo Luis Amigorena) was born May 30, 1972 in Maipu (Maip & # 250;), a fairly large city Mendoza (Mendoza). In the teenage years, he grieved his parents` tumultuous behavior, for which Mike was expelled from several schools in a row. In 1992, twenty Amigorena leave home for the sake of Maipu Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires), hoping to become famous, and the first few years was forced to fend on bread and water, laboring, wherever possible. In the end, on an attractive young man drew the attention of one of the modeling agencies, and in the same 1992 he got a small role in the popular local sitcom `La familia Benvenuto` with the participation of the Argentine star Guillermo Franchelly (Guillermo Francella). Later, he appeared in a successful youth drama `Monta & # 241; a rusa`, and in the mid-90s he studied at drama school, where it first mentor was Santiago Doria (Santiago Doria), and later Alfredo Zemm (Alfredo Zemma) of the Argentine actor Association (Argentine Actors` Association). In 1995 Amigorena first played on stage in Buenos Aires, and eventually became a prolific stage actor. So, for example, he played in the local staging of the play in 1998 `Spring Awakening` (Spring Awakening) by German playwright Frank Wedekind (Frank Wedekind), and in 2004-2006 participated in the condensed Shakespeare`s plays that brought Mike `Argentine ACE Award and `` Clar & # 237; n Award`.

He received his first starring role in a movie with directors of Florence Di Bach (Florencia Di Baja) and Hermann Drexler (Germ & # 225; n Drexler), starring in the 2004 comedy `Tus ojos brillaban`, and reunited with Franchelloy in 2005 in his super popular Argentine version of the famous sitcom `Married with detmi` (Married with Children). For two roles in comedies, in the `Un peso, un d & # 243; lar` (2006) Gabriel Condron (Gabriel Condr & # 243; n), and the romantic comedy` Yo soy sola` (2008) Tatiana Merenyuk (Tatiana Merenuk), followed by role Pellza Martin (Mart & # 237; n Pells) in the popular sitcom television network Telefe called `Los exitosos Pells`, which was released in May 2008, and for which the actor received the award` Mart & # 237; n Fierro Award`.

Amigorena was among Argentine actors who took part in the filming of the drama by Francis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola) `Tetro` (Tetro, 2009) - the film was shot, including, and in Buenos Aires.

Outside the set, Mike - also the lead singer`s own indie rock group called `Ambulancia`.

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