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Name Mike Agassi is usually mentioned in connection with the brilliant sports career of his son, the legendary tennis player Andre Agassi. Psychologists warn parents - children should not be forced to realize that it was not possible to commit yourself.Relations between father and youngest son Agassi full of dramatic, rolling in the tragedy. All childhood Andrea passed under the dictates of the monstrous father and incredible exercise, which led to the formation of not the best traits of his character. However, its future success on the court, Agassi Jr. was required, above all, his father. Real name Mike Agassi - Emanul or Emmanuel Agassi (Emanoul Aghasi, later - Emmanuel Agassi). He was born in the Iranian city salmas December 25, 1930. Father Emanula, Armenian Agasyan David, a native of Kiev, after the revolution, he moved to Iran, for safety reasons, a few changed their surname. In 1925, David married an Armenian Aghasi Nunii, who bore him five children ; Emanul (Manu) was the third of them.

The family was very poor, all slept side by side on the dirt floor ; mother differed oppressive nature and severely punish the children for the slightest fault - for example, could send Manu to school in drag. The boy tried to spend more time on the street, where he played football for a long time. Once he saw the American and English soldiers play tennis, and was captivated by this game. Manu picked up the balls for the players brought in court order. For it is not paid, but they gave the old racket, and he watches returns the ball against the wall ; however, apart wallsother partners, the boy was not there. However, Manu dreamed of an athlete `s career, and receiving a hardening in street fights, in 16 years has decided to box.

Thin, fast, aggressive teenager liked the Tehran club coaches `Nerou Rastey`, and it began to train for free. Emanul Tehran became the champion in the bantamweight ,then it was included in the Olympic team, and participated in the Olympic Games held in London and Helsinki, though without much success. However, after the Helsinki Agassi decided not to return to Iran, and bought a ticket to New York. There he became Emmanuel, and then Mike Agassi, and make a living participation in the boxing fights ,and without neglecting other underworking.

Boxing career led Agassi in Chicago, where in 1959 he married Betty Dudley. In search of permanent income couple moved to Las Vegas, where Betty has found a position in the state administration, and Mike began working as a casino manager. They bought the cheapest house on the outskirts ,whose main advantage was a large yard, which gave Mike a tennis court and a device for throwing balls. In the family one after the other four children were born, and they are all attached to the tennis from early childhood. However, this success was accompanied by his younger son, Andrea. His father gave him a tennis racket in his hands still in the cradle ;a seven year old boy on the beat 2500 balls a day. Mike arranged to meet his son and friendly matches with famous tennis players, drove to the children`s competitions - and at the same time tried to give the baby banned stimulants, and one day after losing to Andrea broke he had received a handsome prize for the most original game. Not being a professional tennis player, Mike clashed with the director Bollettieri Tennis School, where he retrained Andrea on the style of play at the back of the line.

Father did not leave without attention and privacy sons scouting and announce everything about another partner, was very unhappy with his marriage to Brooke Shields. However, Steffi Graf ,who is the wife of Andre Agassi at the moment, has made a favorable impression on Mike - only tennis star of such level is a worthy match for his son, where his father was trying to realize all their dreams of a failed career.

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