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Author: Igor BIN

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In 2010, the director and producer Eugene Zamaliev (in 2004-2006 - Director of KVN "Buryatia Team" Team) took the comedy "Maker", leading roles in which performed Buryat KVN-crates. The success of the picture pushed investors to the new project. So in 2011 the company "Cinema +", together with the creative association "Rzhy point", with the support of the Presidential Administration and the Government of Buryatia and Administration of Ulan-Ude, started shooting the teen comedy, titled "On the Baikal!". The producer of the picture once again delivered Eugene Zamaliev (with Artem Burlova) and directors and writers were Sergey Nikonov Mikhail Kozlov.

The filmmakers wanted his work to tell viewers about the main miracle of the region - the great Lake Baikal. Its beauty and romance. The fact that for the rest does not necessarily have to go somewhere far abroad ... Until that time, was shot many documentaries and popular science films about the pearl of Russia, but there was no light, romantic teen comedy. Now this gap has been filled.

The script was written four months, and the guys still have time to play along in KVN. Along with shooting and editing it took nine months. As says Alexander Mangathanov, representative of the creative association "Rye Point", KVN schiki initially only involved in the script and were not going to shoot themselves. But it turned out that the young people the necessary invoices were not found in time, so we decided to take up all of their own.

Sergey Nikonov played the role of Valentina, Man from St. Petersburg, who arrived in Ulan-Ude for the film, and Michael Kozlov played the role of his friend Stepan. Two other major role went to the same KVN-schikam - Eugene and Alexander Zhamsuevu Hamnushkinu. And the female lead played by Daria Prokopiev, the winner of the contest "Beauty of Buryatia". The shot hit the locals. The soundtrack for the film was written by a well-known musician Maxim Pokrovsky. He also played a cameo role in it.

Despite a noticeable lack of professionalism of actors, the picture turned out to be surprisingly easy, fun, and looks at one go. Funny situations, romantic atmosphere, love line - and all this against the background of the beauties of nature. The purpose of promoting the brand in the lake was achieved.


2011 The Baikal - actor, director, screenwriter