Mihail Voronin

Picture of Mihail Voronin

Date of Birth: 07/21/1838

Age: 64

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


After receiving a very thorough education at home under the supervision of a German teacher, Voronin sixteen years old he entered the St. Petersburg University (1854), where he first got acquainted with botany lecture by Professor Tsenkovsky. In 1858 Voronin graduated from the course a candidate, received a silver medal for his thesis geological content. Also in 1858 he went abroad, first to Heidelberg, where he worked under the guidance Gaulle, then in Freiberg, where he found a worthy leader in the person of Professor de Bari. At that time, Germany has not had those extensive and scientists institutions like palaces, which later were thrown up not only in the capital but also in many of universitetskihgorodov. Botanical Freiberg office consisted of only one room with conservatory. There Voronin finally surrendered to the study of botany and learned to work hard and methodically.

In 1860, Voronin went to Antibes town on the shores of the Gulf of Genoa, where he lived as a hermit scholar French botanist - algologist Gustave Thuret. Under his leadership, Voronin used the spring and summer to study algae and made his first algological work, he served as his thesis for a master`s degree, which he received in 1861 from the University of St. Petersburg. Voronin got his doctoral degree in 1874 from the Novorossiysk University in Odessa - honoris causa.

In 1884 the Imperial Academy naukizbrala him a corresponding member.

Forced to frequent absences and even long-term stay abroad for health problems, Voronin could not surrender to a professorship. However, in 1869-1870, he gave lectures on mycology as a privat-docent St. Petersburg University, and in 1873-1875 in the medical courses for women - on mycology and cell morphology.

Many scientists work Voronin relate primarily to the class of fungi (mycology) and those lower organisms, that are on the boundary between animals and plants. Scientific merit of his very considerable. He discovered, studied in detail and described a set of highly important not only in the botanical, but also in general biological sense of lower organisms. He owns, among other things, the discovery of an organism that lives in many nodules of leguminous plants, contributing to the accumulation of soil nitrogen from the air and transfer it to the same plant. Fungal disease of sunflower opened and studied by him; However, up to & # 769; lzhno say about the illness cabbage plants.

All work Voronin is more accurate. His drawings, without which the newest morphology can not do, exemplary. Therefore, we find them in all reprint any large manuals Russian, but mostly - foreign. He published his works in German and French, but almost always also in Russian, some also in Russian only.