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Mikhail Vinogradov graduated from the 1-st Moscow Medical Institute, later postgraduate studies in psychophysiology at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and residency at the Department of Psychiatry of the 1st MMI them. Sechenov. After graduation he worked hypnotist. Then he worked at the Institute of Forensic Psychiatry and advised Military Institute on problems of recruitment and evaluation of the individual. For many years he headed the Center of the Ministry of Interior of psychophysiological research. Supervised integrated brigade Emergency medical care in the centers of mass disasters and catastrophes. It consists of working on the earthquake in Spitak (Armenia), Iran and many other disasters around the world. Mikhail Viktorovich headed specially created service in avariina Chernobyl NPP zone. By order of the government was the scientific director of research in the field of psycho-mental protection of troops and population in wartime. Under this theme, he held regular examination experiments on extrasensory abilities. As an expert was invited to the program "Battle psychics".


Author of over 150 scientific publications (including books and inventions), part of which was published in the United States, Japan, Hungary, the other part is still classified as "secret." It has publications indexed by Google Scholar.

Candidate dissertation - "The forecast reliability of the person in extreme conditions."

Doctor - "Psychic deformatsiyasotrudnikov police and related emergencies."


Mikhail Vinogradov, also known parapsychology researcher. Mikhail Vinogradov studied the possibilities of the individual forecast of the Department of Psychiatry of the First Medical Institute. As part of the group of lecturers of the Central Committee of Komsomol played the Polytechnic Museum public lectures and sessions of mass hypnosis. I prepared a number of psychics and, in particular, to demonstrate the Rose Kuleshov scholar. The scientists had to determine who she was: charlatan, a fraud or indeed has the ability, with his eyes closed, fingers to read the book, distinguish colors, the shape of the figure. Then, as a young hypnotist, Vinogradov was working on a pilot site in the laboratory, pobuzhdayacheloveka through leaded glass, metal mesh or concrete wall to certain actions by suggestion. Then led the research center, which was created specifically for the study of paranormal phenomena.

He headed a working group of emergency medical service in the centers of mass disasters and catastrophes. Search group worked successfully in 1990 in Iran, Spitak and Chernobyl. Vinogradov himself has repeatedly stated that he has psychic powers.


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