Mihail Podorojanskiy

Picture of Mihail Podorojanskiy

Date of Birth: 1959

Age: 56

Place of birth: Chita

Citizenship: Russia


Kadets Podorozhansky was born in 1959 in Chita, in a family of journalists. In 1963 he moved to Samara with her parents, and then to Minsk, and in 1977 he entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). After the fourth year, Mikhail Podorozhansky transferred to the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (MADI) and graduated with a degree in design engineer on a specialty "hydraulic and electrical control." After graduation Michael Podorozhansky worked as a freelance reporter for several newspapers and magazines ( "the wheel", MK, "Auto").

In 1990, the Kadets became the editor of the new paper - "Auto". Unlike many other avtoizdany that were then and appeared later, the main idea, which predetermined the personnel policy and genre content of the newspaper, was not to the journalists working in the editorial staff and experts with extensive experience in the automotive industry. M.Podorozhanskim was bet on the professionals of the highest level, who led the conversation with the reader, do not hesitate to their knowledge and professional vocabulary. This proved to be very important and pleasant for motorists innovation: readers quickly appreciated the dialogue "on equal terms". The paper introduced a new vocabulary turnover, which has now become the standard in motoring circles and professionals.

In 1995, Mikhail Podorozhansky became the sole representative of Russia to the jury for selection of the best European car (Car of the Year). Candidate master of motorsport, a board member of the Russian Association of Automobile Engineers (AAE).

The most significant achievement of 2001 to Michael and he headed the newspaper was the beginning of a series of impact tests (crash test), the most popular cars in Russia based on the methodology EuroNCAP, the organizer of which he has become. These tests will be on the order of "Auto" on the Dmitrov. Test Task - force users to refer to the level of passive safety as an important part of consumer qualities of the car. It is worth noting that most of the tests and their analysis are much more expensive cars. The first series of tests conducted by the newspaper "Auto" in the early `90s; they are now carried out by more stringent rules on the basis of today`s standards. In 2001, under the leadership of Michael in the newspaper "Auto" has been created a new structure - video production.