Mihail Okunev

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Date of Birth: 12/18/1960

Age: 55

Place of birth: Shadrinsk

Citizenship: Russia


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Honored Artist of Russia (1999)

Winner of the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask" (1998)

He was awarded the "Order of Friendship" (2011)

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Mikhail Okunev born December 18, 1960 in the city of Kurgan region Shadrinsk. Childhood as Michael held in the Irkutsk region, where after the end of secondary school, the future actor entered the Irkutsk State Theatre School, which he graduated in 1984. Then Mikhail Okunev joined the theater group of the Irkutsk Regional Theatre named A.Vampilov young audience, where he worked for the next five years. In 1989, Mikhail Okunev moved to Omsk and began working in the Omsk Academic Theatre.

Okunev Mikhail - Honored Artist of Russia, winner of the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask", a favorite of the Omsk theater audience. The actor is busy almost all the repertoire of the Omsk Drama: Ragin - "Ward number 6" by AP Chekhov, Dzhenarro - "The Raven" Gozzi, wheels - "Farewell in June" AV Vampilov, Orsino - "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare, Giorgio - "Our Town" by T. Wilder, Lama - "Subsistence farming in Shambala" AP Shipenko, Celio - "Chapel" by A. de Musset and IA . Bunin, George - "Of mice and men" by Steinbeck Dzh., Prozorov - Three sisters "Chekhov, Male -" Woman in the Dunes "by Kobo Abe, Huron -" Tango novelist "NS Skorokhod, Beaumarchais -" Clavigo "Goethe and many others.


The performances of Mikhail Okunev great, but in his first debut on the big screen, it was also irresistible. He was lucky to play a major role in the film Valery, 2006 "Euphoria". The film is set in the Don steppe. "Euphoria" - theatrical film debut Russian director Ivan Vyrypaeva, winner of the special jury prize at the festival "Kinotavr" in Sochi, a member of the official competition program of the Venice Film Festival in 2006.

Actor Michael Okuneva star lit for a long time in the film industry, every meeting with him on the screen - a gift, a charge of excellent mood, the occasion to reflect. In 2009, viewers saw a beloved actor in the film with the romantic name "Cruise" as Viktor Voronin Frolov competitor.

The main role of Andrei Ivanovich Smirnov, Paul`s father and Katya went to Mikhail Okunev in the series "One Family". The game is a talented actor in a scene simply amazed, he lived the role, the audience received positive emotions, and in the opinion of critics, the actor was obviously an order of magnitude higher than all other project participants: Natalia Danilova and Eugene Sviridova. The film is set during the time of perestroika. The film was shown to the history of relations of members of the Smirnov family: father - Andrew - an ambitious man, for the sake of justice, ready to sacrifice their lives; mother - Ludmila - wise, good-natured; son - Pavel - kind, sympathetic, purposeful; daughter - Katya - a bright, impulsive. Problems of children, which are inevitable on the way to the arrangement, make parents` land ", all to rethink and re-become one family.

Interesting facts

February 16, 2011 Presidential Decree for merits in development of national culture and art, and many years of fruitful work, the actor Mikhail Okunev awarded the "Order of Friendship".


2006 Euphoria

2009 One family

2009 Cruise