Mihail Koton

Picture of Mihail Koton

Date of Birth: 12/29/1908

Age: 107

Place of birth: Peterhof

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from Leningrad State University (1935). He worked in a variety of Leningrad research institutes: the Institute of Chemical Sciences of the USSR (1928-1934), the State Institute for High Pressure (1934-1936), the Pediatric Medical Institute (1936-1949), the Physico-Technical Institute of the USSR (1949-1952). Since 1952 - at the Institute of the USSR Academy of Macromolecular Compounds (since 1960 - Director). The main scientific work - in the field of chemistry of organometallic compounds and polymers. Together with GA Razuvayevs opened (1931-1935) method of generating free radicals aliphatic metalloalkilov decomposition. Along with K. A. Andrianov shown (1939), the possibility of using organosilicon compounds containing oxygen, for the synthesis of polymers with chain heteroatomic character - Si-O-Si. He studied the reactivity of organic derivatives of mercury, lead, tin, bismuth, arsenic, antimony, silicon. He opened (1947) reaction mercuration aromatics. Developed methods for the synthesis of polymers of allyl esters of di- and polycarboxylic acids, (1956), nitrogen-containing heterocyclic polymers (1959), Polymer karboksifenilmetakrilamidov K (1959). I received (1960) high molecular organometallic compounds such as organomercury. Implemented (1962) low-temperature polymerization of acrolein and well-methylacrolein received stair structure.