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Date of Birth: 10/27/1899

Age: 82

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Mikhail Zharov: the bandit, and the prince, and the policeman

Author: Vladimir Gribanov

Website: Celebrities

A born Mikhail Zharov in Moscow, by gravity, in the family printing worker. It happened in October 1899. The family loved books, loved art. Sister future actor became famous later as a costume designer in the film. Sam Michael from childhood dreamed of the theater and in 16 years has worked in wordless crowd Zimin Opera. Once Chaliapin sang Mephistopheles. Behind the scenes, the young statistician Zharov, fascinated looking at the great artist, involuntarily repeated facial expressions on his face, while the young man grabbed the enraged assistant director:

- You`re what the hell the damned, Fyodor Ivanovich faces writhe ..?

When all was explained, Chaliapin presented the young fan his photo with the inscription: `Misha Zharov, which - I believe - is not built me ??`faces. Photos Zharov was proud of all his life.

A little after studying at drama school Komissarzhevskaya, Mikhail Zharov starts at different stages of Russia. And only in 1931 he settles finally in the capital - in the famous Chamber Theatre the director-experimentalist Alexander Tairov. And in 1938, it goes into more realistic Little Theatre, where he worked until his death.

Back in the mid 20`s, he started acting in small roles. But the real success on the silver screen was his role Gigue in the first Soviet sound film `Road to zhizn`. The film tells about the commune for homeless and Zharov playing `bad parnya` - the leader of a gang of thieves, bandit-killer knocks homeless minors astray. In the role of gigolo actor skillfully he used the possibilities of sound cinema: he played the guitar and sang, gave his hero a special dialect, showed a peculiar charm and the same style.

Zharov`s character so compelling and came alive, became so popular that the government gave secret order: at the movie show the criminal world is now only uniquely bad. A Zharov popularity became such that when in his shop once stole a purse, then the output of the actor heard the thief says to the other:

- What are you, my not know?

Purse returned.

The role of the `good parnya` - teacher of children`s colonies played a wonderful actor Theater, Nikolai Batalov. He died of tuberculosis is quite young, leaving a widow, the actress Olga Androvskaya, which is then married Zharov. However, his personal life, we will talk about later.

The films about revolutionary Maxim ( `` Return Maksima` and Vyborg storona`) Zharov again in style and charm played a negative character - kontorschikaDymbu. In the course of the movie, he sang the famous song to this day: `Chicken fried, steamed chicken, the chicken also wants zhit`. Zharov even had to turn to the government to provide him with a car - to appear on the street, he could not, the boys teased: `` Chicken Fried is!.

Here`s another case related to the unprecedented popularity Zharov. Once he was resting in the south and during a walk in the Executive Mansion met Stalin. The artist tried to dodge the meeting, but the chief told him playfully:

- I know you!

- Of course, - confusion Zharov growled. - I know everything.

Moviegoers were entranced by his historical characters: associate of Peter the Great - the Menshikov and roguish dark apprentice Ivan the Terrible - the executioner Malyuta Skuratov. Brilliantly good Zharov and comedy `Medved` on the play by Chekhov, which, by the way, and to this day is often shown on television and in which the actor starred with his wife Olga Androvskaya.

During the war, during the shooting of the picture `Air izvozchik` Mikhail Zharov gets acquainted with the young beauty Lyudmila Tselikovskaya. They played lovers, and the game became a reality. Zharov was older than his new wife for twenty years, but drawn together by their creativity. Especially for Tselikovskoyartist took up the director: he put to the beautiful wife of a military comedy `` uncertain economy. But after the war, captured Tselikovskaya new love and their marriage fell apart with Zharov.

In 1953, the father of the fourth (and last) wife Zharov was arrested on false `vrachey` case and the actor ran into trouble. Familiar bypassed by his side, feared to take in a movie, not given new roles in the theater.

Later, he again appeared before moviegoers, though small, but bright starring dullish War Minister in `` Cain XVIII and cynic Ukhov in `` older sister. Theatre as the audience will never forget and always enthusiastically accepted. In 1973, Zharov puts the picture and plays a major role in it - it `Village detektiv`. Policeman Aniskin, almost folkloric character, and so pleased with the audience and criticized, and superiors, that soon came two TV movie about the cunning and good-natured rural district: `Aniskin and Fantomas`,` Again Aniskin`.

It was the last nation-wide success of the unique great artist. Twenty years ago, in December 1981, Mikhail Zharov died. With his death of our art gone glamorous trickery, nice swagger characters left glamor and glitter of acting.

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