Mihail Gorin

Picture of Mihail Gorin

Date of Birth: 06/17/1930

Age: 85

Place of birth: village Kniselo

Citizenship: Ukraine


Mikhail Gorin (ukr. Mykolajovych Michael Gorin) (R. 1930) - Ukrainian politician, Soviet dissident, psychologist, one of the founders of the People`s Movement of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Republican Party.

Born June 17, 1930 in the village of Kniselo Lviv province of Poland (now Lviv region of Ukraine). Father Michael Gorynya OUN was active for his family in 1944, he was deported to Siberia. On the way Gorin failed, however, to escape and return to the Western Ukraine. In 1949 Michael Gorin entered Lviv State University, where he worked until 1955 with a short break in 1953 (he was suspended from studies for refusing to join the Young Communist League). In 1955 - 1961 Michael Gorin worked as a teacher in different schools of the Lviv region, at one time was the director of the school. From 1961 he worked first as a psychologist, then a senior psychologist scientific and practical laboratory of psychology and physiology on one of Lviv`s factories.

In 1963 Michael Gorin, together with his younger brother Bogdan and other close people created an underground dissident group "Snowdrop". For participation in this group in 1965 Michael Gorin was sentenced to 6 years in prison under "anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda."

Coming in 1971 from prison, Michael Gorin for a long time could not find a job, moonlighting is a fireman, then a painter. In 1976 he took an active part in the creation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group (UHG). A year later, Michael Gorin got a job as a senior psychologist in the economic laboratory.

In 1981 Michael Gorin for relations with UHG again arrested and prigovoryaetsya to 10 years in prison and 5 years of exile. The link he was serving in the Perm region. In 1987 Michael Gorin was amnestirovan and immediately engaged in political activities in the territory of the USSR. Thus, in September 1989 Michael Gorin, together with Vyacheslav Chornovil and other Ukrainian dissidents created the first opposition to the CPSU party in Ukraine - People`s Movement of Ukraine (NRU30 March 1990 Michael Gorin was elected deputy of Ukraine, received 70.72% of votes in the 7 applicants (in odnomomandatnomu district).

Despite his high position in the ANR (the head of the party secretariat), Michael Gorin in April 1990, involved in the creation of the Ukrainian Republican Party (URP). In the beginning it participates in both organizations it was possible due to the fact that NIA - not officially party. So, as a member of the ERM Board, Mikhail Gorin February 28, 1992 he was elected co-chairman of the NIA.

However, a few weeks later Mikhail Gorin left the NIA, as People`s Movement terminated its coalition with the BDS. May 1st, 1992 Michael Gorin was elected head of the ERM (the previous head of the party, Lev Lukyanenko, was appointed ambassador to Canada and could not actively participate in the party life). In this position he remained until October 21, 1995. He withdrew his candidacy for the post of the head of the URP and its honorary head was elected together with Lev Lukyanenko.

April 27, 1994 Michael Gorin took part in the next parliamentary elections as a candidate of the single member district number 261. His main opponent was Stepan Khmara, the head of a breakaway from the ERM in 1992 Ukrainian Conservative Republican Party. Mikhail Gorin lost, finishing in second place (24.93% votes).

Gradually Michael Gorin came into conflict with the party elite and the March 15, 1997 was expelled from the ERM with a group of his companions. Immediately after the expulsion from the party, Mikhail Gorin and his associates created the Republican Christian Party, in which he took over as head of the drafting committee. In this role, Michael Gorin is still.

In the parliamentary elections of March 29, 1998 Michael Gorin was at number 2 of the electoral list of the Republican Christian Party. The party has not overcome the barrier chetyr