Mihail Gerasimov

Picture of Mihail Gerasimov

Date of Birth: 09/15/1907

Age: 62

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


In June 1941, a scientific expedition arrived in Samarkand, headed by archaeologist MM Gerasimov, for the study of Central Asian architecture of the monument, which was built in the early XV century., The mausoleum "Gur Emir", where he was buried Tamerlan.1) Locals, incited by the same mullahs tried to stop digging. But the atheist Gerasimov continued to work, and soon reached the tomb archaeologists. June 20, 1941 "Leningradskaya Pravda" reported that the raised jade coffin. Folk legend, extant, ascribes this stone cause brutal wars ... "- wrote the correspondent. Such a fantastic belief that by moving the stone war begins in the world, cheered many readers.

Igor Bunich believes that the true purpose of the expedition was to find treasure Gerasimov. "The assigned task of Stalin concentration of the gold, platinum and precious kamneyv hands of the state continued to be carried out vigorously. If almost all the graves in the hopes of finding a gold watch or false teeth, then such events from time to time is not carried out on the territories of the Central Asian republics in Russia and Ukraine in the middle of the 30s were already plowed all the cemetery and opened. Desecration of graves and mausoleums, according to the laws of Islam, is one of the most terrible crimes. And since the war of liberation in Central Asia, which broke out in the 20-ies, raged not subsided and was suppressed only in 1939, received a romantic name "combat Basmachi" then Stalin and his satraps on the ground is still enough mind not to give too much cause for irritation of the local population. But it was the turn of the Central Asian and shrines. Particularly attracted the greedy eyes of the nomenclature majestic mausoleum of Tamerlane in Samarkand. According to legend, archival documents confirmed the great Asian conqueror in his campaigns looted fabulous, great treasures, most of which were ordered to put him to the tomb. In May 1941, a large team of the Moscow NKVD, accompanied by experts of the Leningrad Hermitage, traveled to Samarkand for the opening of the tomb. Keeper of the memorial octogenarian Masood Alaev, horrified, showed visitors the cautionary inscription is engraved on the tomb in the year of death of Tamerlane. The inscription warned that anyone who dares to disturb the peace of the deceased ruler, and open the tomb, will release their own country the terrible demons of devastating war. In any case, to be safe, this was reported in Moscow. From there came the order: Alaeva arrested for spreading false rumors and panic, the tomb open immediately. 19 iyunya1941 was a huge slab of green jade sarcophagus covering Tamerlane, he was raised. TASS report about the event on the eve of the war reprinted in many newspapers. If this is a coincidence, it is very strange "(Bunich I. Gold Party. SPb., 1992. S. 132).

We add that the calculations of Stalin and the KGB on finding treasures were under a completely scientific basis. "Magnetic observations in 1925 over the grave of Timur - wrote a famous archaeologist, ME Masson, - confirmed the presence in it of a paramagnetic body, probably remnants of the tomb, and, perhaps, other things "(E. Berezikov magic stone // Timur East Star 1990. number 4.).

As for M. Gerasimov, then extracted from the tomb of Tamerlane skull he reproduced the alleged appearance of a formidable ruler. And the remains of Tamerlane were returned to the tomb. Heavy tombstone again took its place.